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Jody Stephens, the drummer for the legendary band Big Star, kindly agreed to let me tag along Sept. 30, 2016, on a private tour he was giving at Buy Nolvadex And Clomid Pct — the Memphis recording studio where Big Star made its classic records, along with countless other artists over the years, including the Replacements and R.E.M. Ardent is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.

Stephens works as Ardent’s business development director — and he’s still active as a musician, writing and singing some lovely songs in the vein of Big Star’s acoustic ballads, on the self-titled album of his new band, Ciprofloxacin Deutsch Online

Stephens showed us through the studios, amiably chatting about the equipment and the people who have played inside those walls. “Playing music together is kind of like recipes,” he remarked at one point. “Everybody has their own ingredients for what they put in.” Discussing the best place to put the drums in a room, he said, “Everybody has a different idea of where the sweet spot is.”

That neon big star in the reception area isn’t the one that was used on the cover of Big Star’s Radio City — it’s a replica. But Jody’s the real thing.

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After going to Buy Zithromax 250 Mg Online, I knew that I’d want to come back to this annual Memphis punk and garage-rock shindig. Chicago has its share of lively mosh pits, but the Buy Doxycycline Online Canada crowd in Memphis tends to be a bit more raucous. Plus, the small-scale fest is a great excuse to visit Memphis, a city filled with musical history and fantastic barbecue.

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Reigning Sound

I missed Gonerfest in 2015, but returned for this year’s festivities, which ran from Sept. 29 through Oct. 2. The highlights for me included seeing the original lineup of Propecia Uk Prescription(Greg Cartwright, Greg Roberson, Jeremy Scott and Alex Greene). I’ve seen this band several times in Chicago and enjoyed the shows, but none of them compared with this set. The excitement of the crowd was palpable. Maybe it was because this was a hometown show for the band. Or maybe people were just thrilled to see this version of the band. People were dancing and singing along all around me, and the enthusiasm was contagious. And as Cartwright sang one quick masterpiece after another, it reminded me of just how impressive those Reigning Sound albums are, with tightly wounded rock tunes reminiscent of the 1960s, packing memorable melodies into every minute.

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Kamagra Oral Jelly Buy Online, an all-female Memphis band who are regulars in the Goner scene, knocked my socks off with their energetic late-afternoon set that served as the festival’s opening ceremonies.

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Black Lips

Prescription Cephalexin 500mg were the headliners on Night 2, whipping the crowd into a similar frenzy with their singalong rockers. Zithromax Buy Online India were even fiercer. Other bands that sparked intense moshing included Cialis Online Nz.

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Chook Race

On the lighter side, the Australian band Deposito Dos Actos Societarios Online(which is on the Chicago label Trouble in Mind) made delightfully pretty chamber pop.

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Groups from Down Under always have a strong presence at Gonerfest, and this year was no exception. During Saturday’s daytime party at Murphy’s — which has been my favorite part of the festival both times I’ve gone — I discovered a band from Perth called Buying Viagra With Paypal which slammed through post-punk songs in a style that reminded me of the Fall and Royal Headache.

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Bloody Show

Other high points on Saturday afternoon included Order Viagra Online From Canada, a band from Columbus, Ohio, playing noisy garage rock with swagger and flair.

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Oh Boland

And Buspar Buy Online, a trio from Tuam, Ireland, blew me away with rambunctious yet tuneful songs. Later at the merch table, I bought Oh Boland’s new album, but the band hadn’t received a shipment of album covers, so the drummer drew the cover and wrote out the song titles on a blank cover.

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While I was in Memphis, I took in sights around town — Buy Cialis Online Canadian. I lucked into a chance to Generic Levitra Online Uk with none other than Big Star drummer Jody Stephens as my guide, tagging along on a private tour he had already scheduled. (Though I didn’t know it at the time, later that day, I stopped into Shangri-La Records and discovered that Stephens has a new album with his band Those Pretty Wrongs, a nice collection of ballads in the Big Star tradition.)

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Finally, on Sunday, as I prepared to head back to Chicago, I went to Al Green’s church. Buy Viagra Cod

My photos from Gonerfest are in several separate galleries:

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