A Sunny Day in Glasgow

There are a lot of bands recently with geographical names, but it seems like most of them are not actually from the places mentioned in their band names. Portugal the Man? They’re from Alaska. I’m From Barcelona? They’re from Sweden. Illinois? They’re from Pennsylvania. Continuing in this vein, there’s the band A Sunny Day in Glasgow. In all fairness, one of the band’s former members actually used to live in Glasgow, Scotland, but the group is based in Philadelphia, and that guy isn’t even in the band anymore (if wikipedia is to be believed). So the band name is more about the mood and style of the music than where the musicians are from.

I won’t go on at length about this band, because they’re new to me, even though they’ve been playing for a few years. They came to Schubas on Wednesday (March 3) and played a quite enjoyable set of indie pop music, with a big emphasis on tuneful vocals. The group’s gone through some lineup changes, and I don’t know how this version of Sunny Day compares with previous ones, but the pair of female singers, Jen Goma and Annie Fredrickson, were fun both to hear and watch. The group finished its show with a Fleetwood Mac cover, “Everywhere.” Like the band’s name, it all sounded pretty sunny.

Photos of A Sunny Day in Glasgow and opening act Acrylics.