Sleater-Kinney at the Riviera

JUNE 16, 2005
at the Riveria

One of the best shows of the year, from a band with one of the best albums of the year. They rocked with abandon, and Corin Tucker let loose some unbelievable banshee shrieks (all on-key… I think). “Jumpers,” that fabulous song from the new record, was a highlight, building like a multi-part epic without a regular verse-chorus structure. Janet Weiss’ drumming was superb, and Carrie Brownstein has really come into her own as a guitarist. Nice surprise of the night: A cover of Richard and Linda Thompson’s “I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight,” with the three of them trading off on vocals.

The openers were Dead Meadow, who did fine with their drony, wall-of-guitar music. But the boys couldn’t hold a candle to the grrls at tonight’s concert.