The Dears and Great Northern

There was a tornado watch Wednesday night (May 13), with torrential blasts of rain sweeping across the El platform. It was not the most pleasant night to be out and about past 10 p.m., but a hardy band of music fans trekked to the Lakeshore Theater and enjoyed a passionate concert by the Dears. The leader of this Montreal band, Murray Lightburn, sang the first song with a cordless microphone out in the audience, wandering the auditorium and pausing to put his arms around various fans, giving some of them a hug. There was a similar sense of emotion throughout the show, as Lightburn joined with the rest of the band onstage for a set full of soulful tunes. This “school-night” show finally finished around 1:35 a.m., prompting Lightburn to thank the small but appreciative crowd for being so committed. The crowd clapped even more at the end, hoping for a second encore, but it was bedtime.

I missed the first band of the night, the Eulogies, showing up in time to hear the second group on the bill, Great Northern. As on their recent CD, Remind Me Where the Light Is, Great Northern played some big-sounding indie-rock ballads. It’s pleasant enough, but after a few songs, I found myself hoping for something more interesting to happen.

Photos of the Dears and Great Northern.