Detroit Cobras, Blacks at Logan Square

Two of Bloodshot Records’ great bands were playing a free concert March 2 at Logan Square Auditorium. How could I resist? (It was free because of a sponsorship from Camel cigarettes… but it’s a no-smoking venue, so no one could smoke the Camels indoors.) The Blacks were just as good as the show I saw recently at Schubas. I made sure to move around this time to get good photos of all the band. See my photos of the Blacks.

The Detroit Cobras were fun, too, very lively. Man, those gals really have a “wrong side of the tracks” look. See my photos of the Detroit Cobras.

The Reigning Sound and Detroit Cobras at the Double Door

NOV. 19, 2005
The Double Door

An excellent double bill, with Reigning Sound frontman Greg Cartwright doing double-duty as guitarist for the Detroit Cobras. Both bands were great, but it’s the Detroit Cobras who had the better stage show, thanks to Rachel Nagy’s charisma… The first band of the night, Vee Dee, was pretty good, playing melodic pop-punk songs with some impressive guitar licks (maybe a little too much guitar virtuosity was on display, as a matter of fact).