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Buy tubs valium to me? No, I don't have it. You've been married for 30 years, so how can you be an alcoholic? I'm in my 60's. on medication. I'm not on medication, I just haven't had a drink since the day we moved in together. I have my own business and I have a very good job but there are nights I'm up at 2-7 am. I'd rather be up and around, in bed by 7. How do you cope with depression? It's not as strong here it was back in the States. It used to be worse here and it's better here. You learn to deal with it and I'm lucky. not going to quit drinking until I'm dead. Do you get any sleep? Yes, sometimes. What do you at night? When I can't sleep do a couple of hours on the Internet. Sometimes train, if it's too cold I'll read the news, I can't books in a train. I always have cup of coffee. How do you stop drinking at night? It really helps to be honest. You have tell yourself don't drink anymore. I'm not going to make myself believe any lie and I tell myself "no" every day. You have to be willing let go. Are you ever afraid of losing your house? No, not in a million years. How do you keep people in your life who are struggling with drinking? One person told me he'd been there a hundred times. He said he'd give a thousand dollars but he couldn't. That's the only person I'd tell it to because he said wouldn't. He's got his life. living it the way he wants to. That's what makes me want to live, be happy. You can't just keep doing it and getting a little more out of it. It's not worth How do you stay positive after years of drinking I don't think about drinking. life and I have a lot of positive things going on in my life. Do you ever feel guilty for drinking? There is a time in the year when I go to a club and I'm not there to drink but I go there and get blackout drunk. When I leave, don't really care. feel like I've done it, I'm ready to get on with my life and then I go home to sleep. When I see a bottle of wine I'll put it back to the bottom and I'll where can i buy valium in the uk drink until it's gone because I valium 10 mg kopen want to have a good night's sleep and I don't want to be waking up in the morning and thinking about that bottle. How do people react when you say 'I'm not going to drink today' People think I'm joking but I really am. never get upset or for a long time. I just go with the flow and I do my drinking the way I feel like doing it. How do you feel when you're going to get sober? It's tough at first, tough. That's what you have to do. get in the right place mentally and physically. It's something that's not easy. I would say it makes a person much stronger. I had to be strong for a lot of years when I was drinking, but to get stronger, I had out of buy valium tablets uk the drinking. You have to get in the right place mentally and physically to not feel sorry for yourself and just fight the battle. What are your plans after treatment I have a website (www.drinkcleanandlive.com) in my spare time, I've started writing a book and I'm also starting a charity. I've been writing the book for two years. is going to be called 'Drink and Happy: Your Complete Guide to Being Clean and Happy'. Is your alcoholism making you feel unhappy? Not at all. I'm really content, I look forward to going bed every night at and I get to enjoy it. Have you spoken to anyone know who's drunk? No, but I've seen it in my life that can happen. ex-husband was out drinking and ended up dying of alcohol poisoning. It's not always the way it looks, especially when you're young, you think it's easy but that's not always the case. Do you have any thoughts for people who are struggling with alcohol? Yes, that's my advice to everybody. Don't give up, get in the wrong place. Don't be a baby. You're in the wrong place if you go out drinking or get of shape.

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