The Kooks

OCT. 1 – OK, so this is October and that photo you’re looking at is from March. What gives? Well, the Kooks were one band that I did not pay much attention to when I was in Austin this spring. They came onstage just after a smashing performance by Brakes. The Kooks didn’t leave much of an impression on me, and I was itching to scurry across town for the Sub Pop showcase, so I left halfway through the Kooks’ show. And, when I posted all of those many, many SXSW photos on the Underground Bee, I only bothered to include one measly picture of the Kooks.

And then… unbeknownst to me (and to most of the American record-buying public), the Kooks became pretty big stars in the U.K. And in the last couple of months, “The Kooks” shot way ahead of everything else on the list of search phrases that are leading people to find this very Web site.

And so, in answer to public demand, I’ve gone back into my photo files and constructed a whole gallery of Kooks pix. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE WHOLE ALBUM OF PHOTOS OF THE KOOKS.