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In 2003, I saw a cool Buy Zoloftby Diflucan For Sale of the Kinks at the Abbey Pub,  but a year later, the news came that he’d suffered a stroke. I wondered if I’d ever get the chance to see him perform again. Eight years later, Davies returned to Chicago, playing Monday, Nov. 18, at City Winery and Tuesday, Nov. 19, at Evanston Space. I saw Tuesday’s show.

Davies has recovered from his stroke well enough to play the guitar again and record new music — including the recent albumPropecia Buy Cheap (The Chicago Tribune’s Mark Caro recently Nizoral Drugstore LipstickDavies about his album and tour.)

Davies played a few of his solo songs on Tuesday, but he largely stuck with old Kinks classics. He performed his own songwriting contributions to the Kinks catalog (“Strangers,” “Death of a Clown” and “Living on a Thin Line”), but most of the songs were written by Dave’s brother, Ray. However, it feels like Dave has a stake in their ownership, too. The sibling similarity in their vocals is unmistakable, and Dave is the one who played the famous riffs on “You Really Got Me” and other hits.

Dave’s voice was a bit ragged at moments, and his guitar playing isn’t as fleet as it once was, but these were respectable renditions of the old songs, and it was touching to see this key player from one of the truly great rock bands taking the stage again and giddily proclaiming, “I’m having a great time!”

Dave and Ray have had a contentious relationship over the years. (In a recent Indocin Prescription Ubersetzung, Dave said of his brother: “But I have to thank him, because if he wasn’t so fucking horrible to me I wouldn’t have understood more about life. When he was a real cunt to me all those years ago I took up astrology so I could understand why people behave like that.”)

On Tuesday, Dave said, “I want to dedicate this song to my dear brother Ray,” before playing “Young and Innocent Days,” from the 1969 Kinks album Arthur (Or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire). It sounded heartfelt as Dave sang Ray’s words: “I see the lines across your face/Time has gone and nothing ever can replace/Those great, so great/Young and innocent days.”

So, what about it, guys? Will Ray and Dave ever play together again? I hope so.

SET LIST: I’m Not Like Everybody Else / I Need You / She’s Got Everything / Little Green Amp / Tired of Waiting for You / See My Friends / Strangers / Flowers in the Rain / Death of a Clown / The Healing Boy / Young and Innocent Days / Dead End Street / Living on a Thin Line / Where Have All the Good Times Gone / All Day and All of the Night / ENCORE: You Really Got Me

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The Canadian band Cowboy Junkies has never quite matched the attention it got for the 1988 album The Trinity Session, but the group never went away, either, building up a big discography over the years. The latest additions are four albums conceived as a series and released within 18 months — the “Nomad” records, each with a different theme or style, and all collected now in a boxed set, along with a fifth disc of outtakes. That’s a lot of new music for the band to perform — and for listeners to absorb.

When Cowboy Junkies played Saturday night (April 14) at SPACE in Evanston, singer Margo Timmins sounded somewhat apologetic as she explained that the band would devote the entire first set to music from the “Nomad” albums. But she promised the crowd would hear its old favorites during the second set. That turned out to be a winning strategy, giving enough focus to the new music while satisfying everyone’s desire to hear songs such as “Misguided Angel,” “Sweet Jane” and “Murder, Tonight, in the Trailer Park.” The new songs included “Wrong Piano” and “Square Room,” two selections from Demons, a “Nomad” album of songs written by the late, great Vic Chesnutt. The old songs included some audience requests that the band hand’t played in a while, including a little gem from 1992, “A Horse in the Country.”

Margo Timmins’ voice still sounded much as it did when everyone heard it for the first time in that quiet masterpiece The Trinity Session. She often draped one of her arms on the microphone stand in front of her, giving the impression of someone who was just casually hanging out on the stage rather than a performer who was the center of attention. That stance fit perfectly with the conversational tone of her singing: breathy but not whispered, confessional but not melodramatic, beautiful but completely natural.

Her brother Michael Timmins played guitar, including those insistently strummed chords that the Junkies took from inspirations like the Velvet Underground, but didn’t say a word, seeming very much like a modest sideman, despite the fact that he writes almost all of the music and words. Another sibling, drummer Peter Timmins, and bassist Alan Anton anchored the hypnotic grooves, while frequent Junkies collaborator Jeff Bird filled out the sound with percussion, harmonica and mandolin. He played the mandolin more like an electric guitar at many points, playing fiery solos. But for the most part, the band’s sound was smoldering.

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APRIL 22, 2006

I wonder how many of the Northwestern students at this concert know how lucky they were. The double bill of MMJ and the New Pornographers was already so good that it was hard to believe these bands were coming to Evanston to play in a gym. And then it turned out that the “special guest” would be Stephen Malkmus playing a rare solo acoustic set. And then it turned out that the New Pornographers would be playing with Neko Case in the lineup — a rarity these days, since Case has been busy with her own solo concerts.

Viagra Online.grWhat a night. Of course, the venue sucked. Not as much as Northwestern’s Norris Student Center, where the Wrens played earlier this year, but it was definitely a gym with a bunch of kids standing around in the dark, and the sound of the bands echoing in the big room. Not the ideal place to see any of these bands, but, hey, a lot of great music has been played in gyms over the years.

Malkmus was a little awkward at first, having some trouble with guitar tuning and guitar effects (the loud bursts of noise he threw into a couple of songs, including Silver Jews’ “Blue Arrangement”), but awkwardness is part of what Maklmus’ music has always been about. Reduced to one voice and one guitar, his songs are still pretty quirky. It was nice to hear him doing that great Pavement quasi-hit, “Range Life.” The set was abbreviated, ending after just 35 minutes or so, since the concert was on a tight schedule. Or as Malkmus put it, “The Man is everywhere.” Buy Zithromax 250 Mg Online

Buy Doxycycline Online Canada

The New Pornographers sounded very good at the recent show opening for Belle and Sebastian, but they sounded great tonight. That’s the difference that the presence of Neko Case makes. Sure, she’s ostensibly just a backup vocalist and occasional lead singer in this band, which is Carl Newman’s vehicle. But her vocals are so strong that they transform many of the tunes into double-lead-vocals.Can I Take 8 Ibuprofen And 8 Paracetamol In 24 Hours

Propecia Uk Prescription

My Morning Jacket opened with “At Dawn,” which used to be their standard opening song but had fallen out of recent MMJ tours. Really nice to hear that again. (The album At Dawn is still my favorite by these guys.) Jim James is still buried under hair, though better groomed than the “Cousin It” look of a few years ago. Other members of the band looked like they had actually been in a barbershop recently. MMJ didn’t do anything especially new or different tonight, but they excelled at what they also do so well — long, passionate and powerful jams. Buying Xenical Online Uk

Kudos the Northwestern student organization A&O Productions for booking such a great show.