Sharon Jones at the Double Door

OCT. 1, 2005
Double Door, Chicago

Neither of Sharon Jones’ albums includes a date anywhere on the cover, so it’s easy to imagine someone picking up one of these discs and assuming it was recorded sometime in the ’60s or early ’70s. Talk about retro, these recordings authentically sound like they were made in that era. If you thought the “neo-soul” movement is a throwback to older styles of soul, funk and R&B, you have got to hear the music Jones is putting out, including her great 2005 album Naturally. This is James Brown and Motown-style soul put across with a great sense of fun and terrific musicianship and vocals.

The show, a “super soul revue,” began with just the band playing a couple of instrumental songs. Then guitarist Binky Griptite came out to front the band for a good half-hour or more, showing his music to be almost as likable as Jones’. Then, after a dramatic buildup, Jones herself came onstage and held our attention for the rest of the night.

The only drawback was Jones complaining incessantly about the sound system during the early part of the show, though she turned even that into a funky performance of sorts as she sang about needing more vocals in the monitors. Once she got over those problems, she continued speaking her mind, very frankly, on topics such as President Bush’s response to the flooding in New Orleans.

Jones pulled several audience members onto the stage to dance with her at various points, and the dance floor was filled with moving bodies all night long.