Tributosaurus becomes the Replacements

I wasn’t actually planning to see Dag Juhlin twice in one week, but there he was again — this time performing as part of Tributosaurus for the band’s Replacements tribute at Martyrs’ last night. In general, I’m not one for tribute bands, but Tributosaurus tackles nostalgia with an interesting twist — becoming a different band every month for one show.

Last night, Tributosaurus “became” the Replacements, and they did a fine job playing 21 of the Mats’ classic punk-rock tunes. Despite the fact that he looks nothing like Paul Westerberg (or just about any other singer he’s imitated), Matt Spiegel did often sound very much like the Replacements’ lead vocalist. Dag and some of the other band members had fun interjecting pieces of several ELO songs for no particular reason… and then, for its encore, Tributosaurus revealed it will become Supertramp for its next gig. I think I’ll have to skip that one. But the New Year’s Eve shows as Sly and the Family Stone ought to be fun.

Click here (or on the picture above) to see photos of Tributosaurus as the Replacements.