The Blacks and the Thin Man Jan. 6 at Schubas

I mostly missed the Blacks when they were a going concern, recording music with Bloodshot Records, playing a sort of alt-country-rock. I saw them once. I believe they opened for the Waco Brothers at FitzGerald’s that time. I remember being struck by how odd it was to hear a woman (Gina Black) singing a cover of the Tom Waits song “Goin’ Out West,” with the chorus “I got hair on my chest, I look good without a shirt on.” And of course, the tall Gina with her big upright bass, painted with twin images of naked ladies and vines, make a big impression on me.

Since then, Danny Black’s gone on to start the band Healthy White Baby, guitarist Nora O’Connor has proven herself to be quite the alt-country siren in her own right, and the Blacks have started playing occasional “reunion” gigs. This was the first time I’d seen them since that long-ago FitzGerald’s show, and it was a nice refresher course. There’s something muscular and a little Gothic about the Black’s brand of roots rock. Gina Black’s thumping bass notes are one of the reasons it’s distinctive. The old Blacks tunes still sounded fresh last night.
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The opening act was the Thin Man (aka Kennedy Greenrod, a Brit transplanted in Chicago). I have to admit I wasn’t all that impressed when I heard an album by the Thin Man a couple of years ago. I think that foghorn bass voice of his wore my out. But I enjoyed seeing him play live, and the songs seemed to be pretty good, so I should probably check out his recordings again.
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