Ron Sexsmith and Kim Taylor

Ron Sexsmith is a songwriter’s songwriter – someone who seems to be appreciated by other musicians and music buffs more than he is by the general public. I think he was supposed to be the “next big thing” at some point, but as Sexsmith mentioned on Tuesday, he never seems to graduate to venues bigger than Schubas. He said that’s fine with him – he loves playing Schubas. In this show (Jan. 16), he played a number of his great should-have-been-hits, pulling songs from just about all of his records and sounding good despite his complaints about having a cold. (He sipped tea between songs.) Here’s the set list. I’m not sure who drew the cartoon of Sexsmith.

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Opening act Kim Taylor brought an impressive hush over the room with her solo set, playing spare folk rock with a touch of blues. She seems like a promising act. Her set included a fine cover of the Tom Waits song, “Chocolate Jesus.”

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