Pit er Pat in residence

The Chicago trio Pit er Pat makes some groovy, spacy sounds with keyboard, bass, drums and cool female vocals. Remind me a little bit of Broadcast, a little bit of Oneida. The group’s playing Monday nights throughout January at Schubas. I caught the Jan. 22 show and reviewed it for Spin.com (See my review). The first opening act this week were Matthea Baim, who played slow, moaning songs with backing help from some of the Pit er Pat guys, a couple of female singers and Rob “Lichens” Lowe. It was eerie and enchanting. Playing second, Lichens was even more eerie, with Lowe performing another one of his tape-loop, one-chord drones, building from bird sounds into high-pitched beautiful shrieks. He never paused, and never really finished his set – as he was playing, Pit er Pat came onstage and began playing with him, then he left as they continued. The audience finally got a chance to applaud as Lowe stood off a ways from the stage. Pit er Pat was excellent, even more impressive than they are on record.
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