Ike Reilly at Schubas

When Schubas billed the early show last night (Sept. 11) by the Ike Reilly Assassination as an all-ages show, they weren’t kidding. It was truly all ages, with a big contingent of grade-school-age kids, and a smattering of senior citizens, plus a lot of middle-age folks and some of the typical 20something and 30something Schubas crowd. I think the unusual demographics of this show were due to the fact that many of the band’s friends and family members had turned out. It made for a somewhat surreal scene, as little kids danced and clapped to Reilly’s songs, which rather frankly (and eloquently) talk about things like, oh, drugs and sex. It was a lively performance, though not quite as good as Reilly’s recent Metro show. Probably because of the all-ages curfew, we didn’t get an encore… I wonder if Reilly’s late show went longer?

See my photos of the Ike Reilly Assassination.

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