The Raveonettes at the Empty Bottle

The Raveonettes have a new record coming out in Europe, though it seems like we might need to wait a little while before it arrives on these shores. The band itself came from Denmark, though, for a tour including a stop last night (Oct. 19) at the Empty Bottle. It was just about everything you could have asked for from this oh-so-cool guy-girl duo (except well-lit, but that’s another story…), with a series of feedback-drenched riffs, beats pounded on a very minimal drum kit and chilly harmonies. The new songs sound great. Can’t wait till the record shows up. The opening acts were decent, too. The members of the trio Gliss spent all night switching instruments (everyone played everything except the gal, who manned drums and bass but no guitar), with some fairly catchy songs. Nicole Atkins & the Sea was the middle act of the night, with a bunch of super-enthusiastic fans egging her on as she sang some fairly straightforward rock and pop tunes. The super enthusiasm continued during the Raveonettes set.

See my photos of the Raveonettes, Gliss and Nicole Atkins.

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