Aimee Mann at Park West

It’s been a while since I’ve seen Aimee Mann (I interviewed her way back when – read the interview here), and the show last night (Oct. 23) at Park West was a reminder of what an excellent songwriter and performer she is. The concert was not a regularly advertised one. Sponsored by Miller Beer and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as part of the “The Craft” concert series, it was a combination concert and interview. Talking with with Warren Zanes in three interview segments in between the songs, Mann discussed songwriting, boxing and watching “Law and Order” reruns. The interviews were interesting, though I would have liked a little less talk and a little more music. Playing with just two backing musicians (bass and keyboards), Mann played spare and beautiful versions of her songs, including four tunes from a newly finished album that will be coming out in the spring, Smilers (or, rather $@!%*$%! Smilers. It was also great to hear a couple of songs from the Magnolia soundtrack, including her cover of One.

Check out’s review of the show, which features my photos.

Set list: Little Bombs / Little Tornadoes / 31 Today / You Could Make a Killing / Save Me / Columbus Avenue / Lost in Space / Freeway / Wise Up / One

See my photos of Aimee Mann.

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