Dead Meadow at Abbey Pub

It was a last-minute decision for me to see Dead Meadow last night (May 3). Good band. I’ve seen them once before, opening for Sleater-Kinney at the Riv, and I’ve been enjoying their recent album, Old Growth. Live, this trio delivers pretty much what you expect if you know their recordings: Drony, heavy, psychedelic rock, with lots of pounding drums and bass and long, spiraling guitar solos. I’m most familiar with the last couple of Dead Meadows records, and the songs from those sounded strong. Clearly, a lot of the fans at the Abbey Pub were eagerly waiting for the older songs that I don’t know, and when Dead Meadow launched into some of those songs at the end of the show, they were met with enthusiastic applause.

See my photos of Dead Meadow.

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