MV & EE at the Empty Bottle

MV & EE are one of those bands that deserves a lot more attention. Their 2007 record Gettin’ Gone had the sort of crunchy electric folk-rock that should win over fans of Crazy Horse and all the Crazy Horse imitators out there. It’s ragged, honest music. But the two times I’ve seen MV & EE play concerts in Chicago, they were sparsely attended shows. After playing a duo show some months back at the Hideout, they came back to town Thursday (June 19) for a show with their backing band, the Golden Road, at the Empty Bottle. Man, that room was like a ghost town, but the music was good. It was an improvement over the Hideout show, with the additional musicians filling out the sound where it needed some filling. The band’s live show is an unusual mix of that Crazy Horse-style rock I mentioned earlier with more experimental drone music. I liked the rock better than the droning, but it was a fine show overall – if only more people had been there to hear it. The first band of the night, Tacoma Narrows, sounded pretty generic; the second, Sonoi, played an intriguing sort of atmospheric folk-rock, reminding me of Califone.

See photos of MV & EE with the Golden Road.

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