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You can count on Buy Betnovate N Cream. She’s had a string of records filled with alluring songs, and her latest album (her ninth) is no exception. Ventolin Rezeptfrei Online is a strong collection, and it dominated Veirs’ concert Wednesday (Sept. 26) at Schubas. The live versions of the songs were enchanting, as Veirs and her band played delicate folk rock as well as a few more rocking numbers. These are smartly arranged songs, with guitar, violin and keyboard parts balanced to perfection. Veirs sings her notes straight and cool, with little noticeable vibrato, skipping up to the high notes with ease. Veirs switched from acoustic to electric guitar on a few songs, handling the night’s loudest guitar solos, including the rousing tribute to Alice Coltrane, “That Alice,” which closed out this delightful concert.

Zithromax Romania Online Moduretic Generika Drugstore Benicar Prescription 7th Buy Nolvadex And Clomid Pct Ciprofloxacin Deutsch Online Cialis Online Bestellen Buy Cheap Seroquel Online Markenpillen Viagra Online Buy Kamagra Cheap Buy Ventolin Tablets Buy Viagra Jelly Online

A member of Veirs’ band, guitarist-bassist Nizoral Shampoo Buy Uk, also played the opening set. Blau began his set with an unusually long spoken introduction, explaining who he is, what town he is from (Anacortes, Wash.) and what he was about to do. As he put it, he does audio experiments and then recites poetry on top of them. But even though he claimed that he wouldn’t be singing, Blau did in fact sing some pretty good melodies above his quirky percussion-bass-and-thumb-piano loops.

Ventolin Inhaler Order Online

Lisinopril Viagra Online

Where Buy Accutane Online

When you see concerts week in and week out at the same venues, you start to take them for granted. I haven’t been at Schubas much in the past year, but I’ve been back a few times this week, and it felt like returning home after a long absence. I got the sense that Will Johnson, the frontman of Denton, Texas, band Centro-matic, might be feeling something similar when his band played on the Schubas stage Monday night (Sept. 23). Midway through the set, Johnson paused to say what a pleasure it was to be playing again in “one of the most sacred, sacred” music rooms in the country. Indeed — just think of all the great music that has vibrated that wooden arch above the Schubas stage over the years.

Centro-matic is working on a new album, and the band played a bit of the new music, mixed in with songs from throughout its career. Johnson’s distinctive voice — that magically strange whine of his — was in fine form, sounding beautifully forlorn. And these four musicians have been playing together for so long that they make it look like the most natural thing in the world.

Astrazeneca Crestor Discount Card Buy Dapoxetine Priligy Priligy Buy Online Australia Buy Nexium Online Canada Generic Levitra Canada Pharmacy Voltaren Buy Nz Is Prevacid Prescription Only Viagra Buy Zithromax 250 Mg Online Buy Doxycycline Online Canada Can I Take 8 Ibuprofen And 8 Paracetamol In 24 Hours Propecia Uk Prescription Buying Xenical Online Uk

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Prescription Cephalexin 500mg

“Like the Rolling Stones, we’re getting back to our club roots,” David Thomas, the lead singer and mastermind of Pere Ubu, said Saturday night (Sept. 22) during his band’s concert at the Empty Bottle. “As you know, tomorrow we begin a string of 17 sold-out shows at Soldier Field.”

Thomas was in a talkative and quite humorous mood. This was the first time I’ve seen him spend a concert sitting down, and Thomas, who’s 60, needed some assistance walking to the stage. But even though he was seated, Thomas was in a lively mood, whether he was bashing the Americana genre (describing a typical song about some guy eating a hamburger) or observing that “for every lady that comes to a Pere Ubu show, five others (guys) come. That’s just a fact.” He reminisced about the time Pere Ubu opened for Kool and the Gang in Denmark, when that band’s stage routine taught him the importance of acknowledging the “special ladies” in the crowd.

Before Pere Ubu took the stage, there was an opening performance billed as a set by Zithromax Buy Online India, a British keyboard player and electronic artist who’s a member of Pere Ubu. But Gagarin wasn’t actually present in the Empty Bottle. As Cialis Online Nz, Thomas refused to pay the fee that the American Federation of Musicians requires to vet the merits of visa applicants, so Pere Ubu’s British members (Gagarin and guitarist Keith Moliné) had their applications denied. So, during this opening set, Thomas came onto the stage and sang into a telephone receiver while music by Gagarin was piped in via Skype. For a few surreal minutes, a man with a chicken mask covering his head (I believe that was Pere Ubu synth/theremin player Robert Wheeler) came onto the stage and hovered near Thomas, like an apparition conjured by his brain.

Testogel Cialis Online Deposito Dos Actos Societarios Online Cheap Kamagra Soft Buying Viagra With Paypal Buy Ventolin Inhaler

During the main Pere Ubu set, Thomas was joined onstage by Wheeler, drummer Steve Mehlman, bassist Michele Temple and substitute guitarist Dave Cintron. The band’s lean, taut synth/guitar lines left space for Thomas’ distinctive voice, as Pere Ubu played old songs such as “Heaven,” “Vacuum in my Head” and “Goodnight Irene” as well as several selections from its strong new record Order Viagra Online From Canada (the group’s 17th studio album in 35 years). The website for this album proclaims: “Smash the hegemony of dance. Stand Still. The dancer is puppet to the dance. It’s past time somebody puts and end to this abomination. Lady From Shanghai is an album of dance music fixed.”

Pere Ubu closed its set with an unabashedly commercial plea, singing a ditty that Thomas called the “march of mercy,” which encourage audience members to visit the merch table and buy stuff. I did just that, picking up the new album as well as a 100-page book that Thomas wrote about the making of Lady From Shanghai — a sort of extended set of liner notes called Chinese Whispers.

Pere Ubu played on a night with a lot of great concerts to choose from in Chicago;Is Accutane Prescription Only that Steve Earle, one of the other artists playing last night, “is a fucking American treasure.” True — and so is David Thomas, in his own odd way.

Buspar Buy Online Can I Buy Zovirax Tablets Over The Counter In Uk Buy Cialis Online Canadian Generic Levitra Online Uk Pfizer Viagra Order Buy Viagra Cod Kamagra Free Delivery Uk Buy Hyzaar 100 25 Xenical Sale Order Kamagra Australia

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Betnovate Gm Online

With its new album, Era, the Chicago band Viagra Online Kaufen Ohne Rezept Erfahrungen continues to make loud, churning kraut rock with an unsettled, occasionally menacing air about it. On its previous record, Pre Language, the group moved a bit away from epic-length drones and jams and more toward concise rock songs. The new record tilts back in the old direction… or maybe it just shows the band finding a  middle ground between song structure and full-on sonic assault? In any case, Disappears’ new and old songs sounded powerful when the group played them Friday (Sept. 20) at the Empty Bottle. Since last year, ex-Sonic Youth drummer Steve Shelley has departed from Disappears, but his replacement, Noah Leger of Electric Hawk and Anatomy of Habit, made an appropriately thunderous noise.

Best Website To Buy Viagra Online Buy Kamagra Online In The Uk Viagra Generic Online Canada Accutane 2009 Online Where To Buy Clomid Online Uk Is Buying Propecia Online Illegal Buy Cephalexin 500mg Without Kamagra Upotreba Online Buy Nizoral Shampoo Uk Actos Procesales Introduccion Order Viagra South Africa Ventolin Evohaler Online

Speaking of thunder, the middle band on the lineup, Flomax For Sale, played an equally fierce set, finishing its final song with about 30 seconds of hair-raisingly dramatic crescendo. It was quite an end to an impressive performance.

Buy Clomid Online South Africa Dove Acquistare Viagra Online Forum Priligy Buy 2014

The Chicago band Viagra Overnight Delivery Canada started off the evening, beginning its set with shoegaze-style drone but eventually settling into a series of tuneful rock songs. It was the first time I’d heard Outside World; they’re a band that’ll be worth watching.

Glucophage Scanner Online Lipitor Questions Online

Buy Accutane Mexico Japones

I’ve never been in a riot
I’ve never been in a fight
I’ve never been in anything
That turns out right
— Mekons, Levitra Kostenlos Online

The only thing I saw at Riot Fest that came close to an actual riot was the young guys Viagra Online Purchase amid the middle-aged Replacements fans on Sunday night. Or maybe the squeals of delight and grasping arms of all those Buy Cialis 5mg Daily Usewho’d thronged a barricade to watch the young men of the pop-punk band All Time Low might qualify as quasi-riotous.

Riot or not, Viagra Doctor Online. But Riot Fest featured plenty of other noteworthy bands, including a number of iconic punk, post-punk and new wave acts who have been playing since the 1990s, ’80s or even the ’70s.

Flagyl Without Prescription
Joan Jett

Joan Jett & the Blackhearts were the high point on Friday; even their new songs sounded good, though the crowd clearly wanted to hear the old hits, which Jett and her band delivered in style. The other bands that I caught on Friday — Screeching Weasel, Bad Religion, GWAR and Danzig — didn’t interest me as much, but I was impressed by Bad Religion’s ferocity. I stayed out of the way when GWAR began spraying fake blood at the crowd. Get A Valtrex Prescription

Voltaren Online Nz Vote

Saturday was filled with strong sets by “oldies” acts including an intense early-afternoon performance by X.

Aciphex Discount Program Outage
Dinosaur Jr.

Dinosaur Jr. jammed out in the afternoon sun, closing its set with a great cover of the Cure’s “Just Like Heaven.”

Norvasc Prescription Assistance
Guided By Voices

Guided By Voices’ Robert Pollard looked tipsy as he came onstage, quickly chugging down some whisky, but as soon as the band started playing, he was kicking up his leg and twirling his microphone cord in classic GBV style.

Former members of the punk band Black Flag announced, “This is not Black Flag — this is Flag” … and then proceeded to play a bunch of Black Flag songs, prompting youngsters to crowd-surf.

The Kamagra Store Coupon Code

Led by a warlock-outfit-wearing Debbie Harry, Blondie inspired some swooning by the band’s longtime fans. The old hits sounded good, even if the newer tunes and deeper cuts were less distinguished.

Fincar Teilen Online
Public Enemy

Public Enemy gave one of the weekend’s most galvanizing performances, with Chuck D and Flavor Flav jumping in tandem to the group’s political hip-hop anthems. (The area near the stage was so jampacked that I found myself caught in a dangerous crush of people when we photographers had to leave the photo pit.)

The Violent Femmes opened their concert with their biggest hits — which seemed like an odd choice, until it became clear that the group was playing the entirety of its 1983 self-titled debut album in sequence. And it just so happens that the record starts off with the group’s best-known songs. The Femmes played faithful versions of those tracks, prompting the crowd to sing along, but the show seemed to lose energy later on.

Where To Buy Clomid Uk

Rain came pouring down on Sunday, dampening the spirit at Riot Fest, but the music went on. I showed up in time to catch the last few songs by Mission of Burma, including a solid rendition of “That’s When I Reach for My Revolver.” A bit later, Bob Mould played one of the festival’s most intense sets, joined by Superchunk drummer Jon Wurster and Chicago bassist Jason Narducy (who’s also in the touring version of Superchunk) — an ideal lineup to play the crunchy post-punk power pop of Mould’s solo albums and his recordings with Sugar. Mould told the crowd that he’s coming back to Chicago soon to make a new album.

Viagra Lasts 24 Hours

Other highlights on Sunday included Rocket From the Crypt, who made a joyous racket as the downpour continued. I was less familiar with some of the younger bands that I saw, including Against Me!, Brand New, All Time Low and AFI, all of whom inspired fervent responses from their fans. AFI bounced around on the stage so much that it felt a bit like watching a post-punk version of Riverdance; it all seemed too choreographed. (I skipped seeing some of Riot Fest’s other bands entirely, including Friday’s headliner Fall Out Boy and Saturday’s headliner Blink-182. Not a fan of either.)

Buy Priligy Online
Twin Peaks

I did greatly enjoy the rainy midafternoon set by Chicago’s Twin Peaks. They might have been the youngest band playing the whole weekend, but their excellent lo-fi home recording Buy Cialis Online shows that they know some garage-rock history. Their exuberant performance at Riot Fest included at least one new song as well as a cover of They Might Be Giants’ “Boss of Me” (the theme to the TV series Malcolm in the Middle).

Cialis Prescription Drug

The rain cleared up by the time darkness fell, though the ground was still muddy in many places, including the goopy photo pit in front of the Roots Stage, where Pixies played the weekend’s penultimate set. This is the first time the band has gone out on the road since founding bassist and backup singer Kim Deal quit. She was replaced by Kim Shattuck of the Muffs. If anything, Deal’s absence may have reduced the onstage tension that was apparent at some previous shows. With lights shining behind them and their faces shrouded in darkness, Pixies opened their set with two covers: The Fall’s “Big New Prinz” and the Jesus and Mary Chain’s “Head On.” But by the time the Pixies were inspiring a crowd sing-along with “Wave of Mutilation,” I was heading over to the Riot Stage to get in line for the Replacements photo pit. It’s too bad you couldn’t hear the Pixies from over there; I would have loved to hear more of their set, but it was time to snag a spot for the Mats.

T Ciprofloxacin 500mg Online / Buy Cialis Tablets / Viagra Online Bangalore

Us Pharmacy Online Cialis

Photos from the third day of Riot Fest, Sept. 15, 2013, in Humboldt Park, Chicago.

See: Cialis Without A Doctor Prescription Uk / Valtrex Price Online / Buy Cialis Tablets / Viagra Online Bangalore

Elavil Prescription Drug
Mission of Burma
Do I Need Prescription For Zoloft
Mission of Burma

Buy Cialis Cheap Us Pharmacy

Cheap Cialis For Sale
Against Me

Cheapest Viagra In Us
Against Me
Celebrex Annual Sales 2011
Bob Mould

Reviews Buying Viagra Online

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Twin Peaks

Is Levitra Cheaper Than Viagra
Twin Peaks
Buy Priligy Online
Twin Peaks

Cialis Cheap In Canada

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Rocket From the Crypt

Betnovate Chemist Prescription Only Side Effects
Rocket From the Crypt
Flagyl Pills Online
Rocket From the Crypt

Buy Lasix Online With Mastercard

Flagyl 500 Mg Online Pharmacy
Brand New

Buy Canada Viagra Online
Brand New
Herbal Viagra Online India
The audience during Brand New’s set
Cheapest Kamagra Tablets
The audience during Brand New’s set
Female Viagra Online
All Time Low
Topamax Online Cheap
All Time Low

Buy Avodart 0.5 Mg

Kamagra Online Belgie
The audience during All Time Low’s set

Desyrel Espanol Online
The audience during All Time Low’s set

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Kamagra Uk Store
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Clomid Buy Online Australia
Accutane Prescription Xanax

See: Cialis Online Greece / Valtrex Price Online / Buy Cialis Tablets / Viagra Online Bangalore

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Photos from the second day of Riot Fest, Sept. 14, 2013, in Humboldt Park, Chicago.

See: Cialis Without A Doctor Prescription Uk / Ejemplo De Actos Procesales En Colombia / Buy Cialis Tablets / Viagra Online Bangalore

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Salep Zovirax Acyclovir
Buy Voltaren Online Uk
Order Viagra Online Cost
Circus performers wander the ground during the X concert.

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Ventolin Copii Online
The crowd during the Lillingtons’ set.

Kamagra Online Bestellen Belgie
The Lillingtons
Strattera Online
The Lillingtons

Buy A Ventolin Inhaler

Clomid Online Bodybuilding
Dinosaur Jr.

Order Neurontin Over The Counter
Dinosaur Jr.
Zithromax Prescription 7th
Dinosaur Jr.
Order Proscar Uk
Dinosaur Jr.
Prescription Viagra Substitute
Dinosaur Jr.
Buy Generic Viagra From India
Dinosaur Jr.

Viagra Delivery Usa

Propecia Where To Buy Usa
Guided By Voices

Bestalla Proscar Online
Guided By Voices
Prednisone 20mg For Sale
Guided By Voices
Nizoral Shampoo Where To Buy Walgreens
Guided By Voices
Proscar Osterreich Online
Guided By Voices
Pharmacy Viagra Now
Guided By Voices
Buy Cipro Online Usa
Guided By Voices
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Guided By Voices

Lipitor Sales China

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Buy Cheap Viagra Pills
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Is Ventolin Prescription
Purchasing Viagra Online In Australia
Crowd-surfing during Flag’s set.
Zofran Osterreich Online
Crowd-surfing during Flag’s set.

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Public Enemy

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Public Enemy
Online Viagra Buy
Public Enemy
Fincar Teilen Online
Public Enemy
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Public Enemy
How To Get Prescription For Periactin
Public Enemy

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Violent Femmes

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Violent Femmes
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Violent Femmes
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Violent Femmes

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Photos from the first day of Riot Fest, Sept. 13, 2013, in Humboldt Park, Chicago.

See: Xenical Pills To Buy / Ejemplo De Actos Procesales En Colombia / Buy Cialis Tablets / Viagra Online Bangalore

Clomid Rezeptfrei Online Bestellen
Screeching Weasel
Walmart Pharmacy Levitra Cost
Screeching Weasel
Viagra Online Shopping In Mumbai
Bad Religion
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Bad Religion
Viagra Cheap Online Uk
Bad Religion
Pletal Viagra Online

Nizoral Shampoo Online Shopping India

Where To Buy Valtrex Online
Joan Jett & the Blackhearts

Viagra For Sale From Canada
Joan Jett & the Blackhearts
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Joan Jett & the Blackhearts
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Joan Jett & the Blackhearts
Voltaren Online
Best Non Prescription Viagra Alternative

See: Valtrex Price Online / Ejemplo De Actos Procesales En Colombia / Buy Cialis Tablets / Viagra Online Bangalore

Indocin Pills Online

Viagra Order OnlineFor some reason that I cannot recall, I did not see the Replacements when I had a chance to see them play at a small club, Mabel’s in Champaign, circa 1986. I was a student at the University of Illinois, a fan of ’60s music just beginning to discover that there was such a thing as new bands making cool records. The Replacements had just released their terrific album Tim, and I had just discovered the band. I vaguely remember having some lame excuse for not going to that show … not having enough cash for the measly cover charge, or maybe having too much homework. Something like that. Looking back, it’s one of the concerts I most regret missing.

Luckily, I did get to see the Mats a couple of times before they broke up: one show at the Aragon, and then the 1991 concert that turned out to be the final Replacements gig ever — until now, anyway — when they finished unceremoniously, handing their instruments over to their roadies on the Petrillo Bandshell stage in Chicago’s Grant Park. As I recall, both of those shows were pretty good, but I felt like I’d missed the real Replacements — the earlier lineup of the band, which was famous for playing sloppy, drunken, raucous but often brilliant gigs. Maybe I was just feeling envious of the people who could say, “I saw them back then.”

When the Replacements made the surprise announcement that they were reuniting for three Riot Fest concerts in Toronto, Chicago and Denver, it wasn’t the least bit surprising that people immediately started debating whether this was really the Replacements. True, this is not the same band that played those legendary gigs, like the one captured on the “official bootleg,” The Shit Hits the Fans. And no one has a time machine to take us back to one of those gigs. But this was the Replacements’ driving force, singer-songwriter-guitarist Paul Westerberg, reuniting with another original member, bassist Tommy Stinson, and playing Mats songs. So what if the other musicians (drummer Josh Freese and guitarist Dave Minehan) were new guys?

If you had any doubts that this was actually the Replacements, they should’ve been erased by the sight and sound of these guys onstage Sunday night at Riot Fest (Sept. 15) in Chicago’s Humboldt Park. Westerberg’s face frequently broke out into a grin. It was obvious both he and Stinson were having a blast as they tore through some of the hard-edged garage rock songs they played together as teens a few decades ago. In the years since the Replacements broke up, Westerberg has been a mercurial figure, rarely giving interviews, sporadically putting out solo music and giving little hint that he had any interest in ever doing a Replacements reunion. But he did not give off the air of someone who was just going through the motions or reluctantly taking the stage. He looked like he was reveling in the moment.

The Replacements powered through their harder-rocking songs. Videos and recordings of the band’s Aug. 25 show in Toronto showed that this Replacements lineup was already sounding tight, and they clicked once again Sunday during their triumphant return to Chicago, the city where the old Mats broke up onstage. But it wouldn’t be a true Replacements gig without at least a little bit of sloppiness, or some goofy offhanded remarks by Westerberg.

As he flubbed the lyrics to “Androgynous,” Westerberg said, “I forgot the fucking words,” and laughed at himself. During “Swinging Party,” he asked Minehan to change the tone of his guitar. “Could you lose that Cure thing? That vibe,” he said — and then, before getting back into the song, he blurted out, “I don’t know what the second verse is. … I got it, I got it, I got it.” At another point during the show, Westerberg did a bit of Tarzan dialogue.

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Aside from those asides, Westerberg reminded me of what a great vocalist he is, delivering his memorable turns of phrase with such natural ease and emotion. At times, he would let himself fall a beat or two behind, slipping back into the melody with timing something like a jazzy lounge singer.

When the Replacements played a frenzied cover of the English punk band Sham 69’s “Borstal Breakout,” some slam dancing broke out in the crowd near where I was standing. Young guys in black punk-rock T-shirts started flinging themselves at one another, and the middle-aged Replacements fans standing nearby moved back to give the crazy kids some space (and to protect themselves from getting slammed).

The high points for me were the Mats classics “Left of the Dial,” “Can’t Hardly Wait” and “Bastards of Young,” which this band — Westerberg, Stinson, Freese and Minehan, or whatever you choose to call them — played with all the youthful spirit of the old Mats. It wasn’t exactly like going back with a time machine, but it was the closest thing available to that.

Set list: Takin’ a Ride / 
I’m in Trouble
 / Favorite Thing
 / Hangin’ Downtown / 
I Don’t Know
/ Color Me Impressed
 / Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out
 / Achin’ to Be
 / Androgynous (with a bit of Hank Williams’ Hey Good Lookin’) / 
I Will Dare / 
Love You Till Friday/ Maybelline
 (Chuck Berry cover) / Merry Go Round / 
Wake Up
 / Borstal Breakout (Sham 69 cover)
 / Little Mascara
 / Left of the Dial / 
Alex Chilton / 
Swinging Party / 
Kiss Me on the Bus
 / Waitress
 in the Sky / Can’t Hardly Wait / 
Bastards of Young / 
Hold My Life / 

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(In the next few days, I’ll be posting photos of other bands I saw at Riot Fest, along with a recap of the festival.)

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Photos of the Replacements in concert Sept. 15, 2013, at Riot Fest in Chicago’s Humboldt Park. Buy Liquid Clomid Australia (A recap of Riot Fest and more photos from the festival are coming later…)

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A train filled is crossing the country, bringing art installations and live music to stations in eight cities. The project, organized by artist Doug Aitken, is called Viagra Tablets Online, and it stopped Tuesday night (Sept. 10) at Chicago’s Union Station. This presented a rare opportunity to see a concert and other artistic happenings inside this building’s towering civic space. Art installations were arranged inside yurts. Short experimental films were projected. The rock band No Age set up drums and guitar amps on the train station floor and played a set of ambient drone music.

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Artist Liz Glynn
Seroquel Borderline-storung Verstehen
No Age

The sound of drums and horns suddenly came from another direction — up in a balcony overlooking the main hall. That was the Rich South High School marching band, which proceeded down to the main floor. And then, just as the drummers and cheerleaders were exited, the redheaded sibling duo White Mystery began making a noisy garage-rock racket on the main stage. Three screens were arranged behind the stage, allowing for some striking visuals as the musical acts performed in front of sweeping landscapes and other imagery.

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Rich South High School marching band
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White Mystery
Can Viagra Be Ordered Online
White Mystery

Accompanied by drummer John Moloney, Thurston Moore opened his set with an old Sonic Youth song, “Schizophrenia,” which sounded intriguingly skeletal with just the one guitar. The power went out on Moore’s guitar amps a couple of times during the set, but he managed to play some new and old material.

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Thurston Moore and John Moloney
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Thurston Moore
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Thurston Moore and John Moloney
Kamagra Eu Sales
Thurston Moore and John Moloney

The Chicago multimedia artist Theaster Gates led his “experimental music ensemble,” the Black Monks of Mississippi, which his Buy Accutane Online Usa as “performers who harmonize the Eastern ideals of melodic restraint with the spirit of gospel in the Black Church and soul of the Blues genre deeply rooted in the American musical tradition.” On this night in the train station, they made some beautiful sounds.

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Theaster Gates/Black Monks of Mississippi
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Theaster Gates/Black Monks of Mississippi

Mavis Staples was a late addition to the schedule for Chicago’s Station to Station event, and her performance was a wonderful way to cap off the night. The set was similar to the one she played four nights earlier at the Hideout Block Party, but she changed up a few songs. One nice addition was her lovely version of the Low song “Holy Ghost.” And she extended “Freedom Highway,” letting the band vamp at the end of the classic civil rights song written by her father, Pops Staples. Recalling Martin Luther King and his words, Mavis Staples seemed almost overcome with emotion for a moment as she declared that she is still here.

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Mavis Staples
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Mavis Staples
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Mavis Staples
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Mavis Staples
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Mavis Staples

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Almost without fail, the Hideout Block Party is one of the summer’s most entertaining festivals — and that hasn’t changed over the past couple of years, when it combined with the A.V. Club’s A.V. Fest. It feels like a gathering of old friends — in the middle of an concrete-block and corrugated-metal cityscape, with a whiff of trash wafting over from all of the city garbage trucks parked nearby.

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Hideout co-owner Tim Tuen

The banner on this year’s stage, created by the great Chicago poster artist Jay Ryan, depicted garbage trucks tumbling in midair. And on Friday night, the Streets & Sanitation odors were stronger than usual. As Kelly Hogan wryly noted (during Neko Case’s concert, where she was providing her delightful-as-usual harmony vocals): “That breeze feels great even though it smells like dumpster juice.” The smell was worth putting up with because of all the great music, and thankfully, the wind was blowing in another direction on Saturday.

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Neko Case

Unfortunately, the crowd was chatty on Friday night during the sets by Case and Mavis Staples. Wandering around the parking lot, it wasn’t easy to find an area where you could hear the music clearly without being distracted by nearby conversations. As usual, the audience members closest to the stage were the most attentive, and a hush finally fell over most of the crowd when Case daringly performed  “Nearly Midnight, Honolulu,” an a cappella song from her new album, The Worse Things Get, the Harder IFight, the Harder I Fight, the More I Love You.  The song delivers a fairly stunning emotional impact in the studio version, and it was only heightened in the live performance. That was the highlight of the night, but the rest of Case’s set was lovely, too — such a subtle mix of tough and tender. The final song of the night was her 2002 classic “I Wish I Was the Moon,” and she performed the opening verse a cappella (or nearly so) — the same way she did the song during the Solid Sound Fest this summer. And once again, Case’s voice rang out with clarity. Cymbalta Prescription Prices Australia

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Mavis Staples

Earlier in the evening, Mavis Staples ably demonstrated the power of her own voice. The matriarch of Chicago gospel recently had knee surgery, and she told the crowd, “This is my very first concert with the new knee. So I’m going to call this knee ‘the Hideout.'” Staples, who recorded a live album inside the Hideout, does genuinely seem to love the place, and the reception that she gets whenever she plays there. 

Staples’ voice sounded tentative during the first song, her cover of Funkadelic’s “Can You Get to That” (from her excellent new album One True Vine), but there was nothing uncertain about her vocals in the rest of the set, as she gave full-throated glory to songs new and old. Closing with the Staple Singers’ classic “I’ll Take You There,” she exhorted the audience to sing along, taunting  that the crowd’s first attempt at joining in was “weak.” Celebrex Generic For Sale

Friday also featured the scrappy garage rock of Nude Beach and the acoustic jamming of Trampled by Turtles.

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Nude Beach
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Nude Beach
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Nude Beach
Aldactone Rezeptfrei Online
Trampled by Turtles
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Trampled by Turtles
Online Viagra Tablets In India
Trampled by Turtles

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Girl Group Chicago

Saturday was a festive day in the garbage-truck parking lot. I just barely missed the opening set by the Guitarkestra (though I heard the roar of its chord in the distance as I walked up to the Hideout). I arrived in time for a fabulous set by Girl Group Chicago — five singer and 15 musicians, if I counted correctly, playing big renditions of classic girl group songs, joined onstage by the dancing gals known as the Revelettes. Prednisone 20 Mg Online

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Jon Langford and Jean Cook
Buy Ciprofloxacin 500mg Alcohol
Jon Langford
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Jean Cook
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Jon Langford

It wouldn’t be a Hideout Block Party without a performance by Jon Langford, and for this one, he played with a new lineup of his Skull Orchard band, playing a new song on the timely topic of “endless war” and closing with a cover of the Faces’ “Debris.” He also played “Haunted,” the song he wrote for Kelly Hogan’s album of last year. “The royalty checks are flooding in,” he joked. “They almost match the parking tickets.”

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The Both (Aimee Mann and Ted Leo)
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The Both (Aimee Mann)
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The Both (Aimee Mann and Ted Leo)
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The Both (Aimee Mann)

Next up was the Both, a duo comprising Aimee Mann and Ted Leo. They’ve recorded an album together, and their musical styles blended with surprising ease during this set, despite some technical difficulties with the mix during the first couple of songs.

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The Walkmen
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The Walkmen
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The Walkmen

The Walkmen sounded as intense as ever during their late-afternoon set; lead singer Hamilton Leithauser was unrelenting.

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It was bittersweet to see Superchunk for the first time without the band’s longtime bass Laura Ballance, which is still recording with the group but has retired from touring. But Jason Narducy did a fine job of handling duties on bass, even getting into Superchunk’s bouncy, jumpy spirit. It seemed like lead singer Mac McCaughan’s feet were a few inches above the stage at just about any given moment during the show, and Superchunk was as lively and exciting as it ever was. New songs, like set opening “FOH,” sounded terrific alongside oldies like “Slack Motherfucker.” And in some comments to the crowd, McCaughan paid tribute to all of the Chicago people and institutions that helped Superchunk over the years, including the Lounge Ax, Steve Albini and Touch and Go Records. Clomid Prescription 7th

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The Hold Steady
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The Hold Steady
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The Hold Steady
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The crowd during the Hold Steady’s set
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The Hold Steady
Buy Online Cialis In Canada
The Hold Steady
Valtrex Prescription Australia
The Hold Steady

As darkness fell, the Hold Steady launched into a loud and raucous set. The fans along the barricade by the stage clearly loved frontman Craig Finn’s shout-singing and wild gestures. Since keyboardist Franz Nicolay left the band, its sound has been all guitars, all the time. The nonstop riffing in the first half of the set was a bit much, but when the Hold Steady dug into its back catalog for some of its catchiest choruses at the end, all was well in Hideoutville.

Saturday’s headliner was Young the Giant. Who? … OK, I had heard of this group, but I’ve just barely heard its music. And I knew plenty of other people who turned out to see Superchunk or the Hold Steady and who were largely unfamiliar with Young the Giant. Judging from the people who crowded near the stage at the end of the night, most of Young the Giant’s fans are in their late teens or early 20s. And well … to my ears, Young the Giant’s music was rather bland and generic pop rock. It paled in comparison to the other music I’d been hearing all day. But I can’t complain too much, given how much fun the whole weekend was.

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Young the Giant
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Young the Giant
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Young the Giant

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Photos of Superchunk performing Sept. 7, 2013, at the Hideout Block Party/A.V. Fest.

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Photos of and the Cymbalta Discount Card To Use With Insurance performing Sept. 7, 2013, at the Hideout Block Party/A.V. Fest. (with an appearance by Gina Bloom of Where Can I Buy Clomid Drug).

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Photos of Neko Case and her band, playing Sept. 6, 2013, at the Hideout Block Party/A.V. Fest.

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Photos of Mavis Staples Sept. 6, 2013, at the Hideout Block Party/A.V. Fest.

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