A Promotion Plug for Devin Davis

I beseech you: Buy Devin Davis’ Lonely People of the World, Unite!

Or at least listen to some of the songs:

I love this record…

Those of you who dislike Death Cab For Cutie, please don’t be put off by the fact that Ben Gibbard is a Devin Davis fan (as mentioned in my story)… They don’t really sound anything alike. Death Cab’s gone all wimpy (in my opinion), but at least Gibbard can recognize some music that’s kicking his ass when he hears it.

Devin’s playing stuff that sounds like Village Green Preservation Society mashed together with the Shins, Matthew Sweet, early ’70s Bowie, “Baba O’Riley” and Pink Floyd’s “Brain Damage.” And the lyrics are brilliant — funny and occasionally apocalytpic. He played almost all of the instruments himself and released this record by himself.

Did I mention you should buy his record?