The 1900s at Subterranean

The 1900s were just as good as I remember them being back in June at Schubas – and now that I’ve had time to absorb their excellent EP Plume Delivery, the songs meant that much more to me. They’ve found a sweet spot between wispy ’60s pop and more rocking rock. (Is “rocking rock” redundant?) But the most pressing question is: When is this bunch going to put out a full-length album? I asked guitarist Edward Anderson that question before the show, and he said the 1900s are heading into rehearsals and the studio in the fall – well, actually NOW – and they hope to have an album out next spring. I can’t wait.

As far as shooting photos of the 1900s last night – could Subterranean be any darker? Maybe if the power went out completely. At least this is one photogenic band. The night started with an annoying set of DJ music and onstage calisthenics, with lots of nostalgia (or ironic nostalgia??) for the 1980s pop music that I hated when I lived through it in the 1980s and still hate today. After the 1900s, headliner Bobby Conn played, but I was out of there by then.