Search me

Just what are the search phrases leading people to visit the Underground Bee and the other two Web sites I run ( and the site for my book,

Most people come here looking for photos or reviews of specific bands. Brazilian Girls and Sabina Sciubba are one of the most popular searches. (Gee, I wonder why? — See photo above. It’s too bad I was using my old camera during that Brazilian Girls concert last year and didn’t get the crisper images that I could have with my new camera.)

Here are a few of the more unusual search phrases that have led people to my sites (some of the items listed below are linked to the appropriate parts of the sites):

killing underground bee
senegalese fucked

[I think that last one must have led to my site because I mentioned Senegalese music and used the word “fucked” at some point, though I have no idea what this person was trying to find!]

aimee mann best songwriter not on radio
dream phone ringing
watch advertisement
my husband wears panties
theatrical show-ninja
culture dish goo
dibujos animados
dibujos de vida
“in her stomach”
girlfriend unaware
kikkoman soy sauce

[Some of these have to do with my fiction or artwork… The “my husband wears panties” search ties in with a short story I wrote in which I switched the genders of the main characters.]

palmistry fate line divides in three
dog faced boy
jojo the dog faced boy

insane asylum stories