Head of Femur et al

The concert I saw last night was free, but even the lack of an admission charge apparently was enough of an incentive to draw a crowd. The Logan Square Auditorium wasn’t exactly empty, but it was a crowd small enough to fit into a more intimate venue like Schubas. I counted about 70 people in the place while Bound Stems was playing, then the audience thinned out even more by the time Head of Femur was into its set. (And why was it free? Because it was paid for by Camel Cigarettes. Ugh.) Oh, well… It was a decent show anyway.

First band was Dirty on Purpose, who I had wanted to see at SXSW. This group seemed to fall firmly within the shoegazer genre, based on what I saw and heard last night. Some instrumental songs, a singing drummer, polished waves of guitar. See my photos of Dirty on Purpose.

Bound Stems played second. I like this Chicago band’s enthusiasm, but their songs don’t always click with me. I’ve still got open ears, though. See my photos of Bound Stems.

I feel similar about Head of Femur. They’ve impressed me at times with their big, quasi-orchestral sound, while at other times their songs seem a little too fussy or twee. I liked their set last night. I picked up more of an old-style R&B or ’60s vibe on some songs, and I look forward to hearing their next recording. See my photos of Head of Femur.

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