Sunset Rubdown at the Empty Bottle

Just why was Sunset Rubdown playing two shows tonight at the Empty Bottle in Chicago? The band had no new album to promote, but leader Spencer Krug mentioned during the early show that Sunset Rubdown is recording a new record starting tomorrow here in Chicago. The group put on a spirited performance, showing that they’re more than just a side project to Krug’s other band, Wolf Parade. It seems like just about every Canadian indie-rock musician is in at least two bands, and this family of bands includes a few top-notch acts, including Wolf Parade, Sunset Rubdown and the Handsome Furs. The opening act was Vacations, a “super group” of sorts featuring members from several other Chicago rock bands. Seems like Chicago is getting into that Canadian spirit.

Photos of Sunset Rubdown and Vacations.

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