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You have two more chances this month to see Eleventh Dream Day. The band is playing every Sunday in April at the Hideout, trying out some new songs for an upcoming album. They sounded just as fiery as ever at last week’s show, which featured two excellent opening acts: Malian guitarist Sidi Toure (accompanied by n’goni virtuoso Abdoulaye Koné aka Kandiafa and joined on a couple of songs by Chicago harmonica player Billy Branch) and Dump (the solo side-project pseudonym of Yo La Tengo’s James McNew).

Sidi Toure, Kandiafa and Billy Branch

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Dump (James McNew)

Buy Dapoxetine Priligy

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Generic Levitra Canada Pharmacy

Eleventh Dream Day

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Is Prevacid Prescription Only


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Can I Take 8 Ibuprofen And 8 Paracetamol In 24 Hours

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Cheap Kamagra Softis one of China’s best-known indie rock bands, but they’d never played in Chicago until now. The Beijing trio finally made it to Chicago with a gig Friday night (March 28) at the Burlington. Like most shows at the Burlington, it didn’t have advance ticket sales, but by the time Carsick Cars began playing the opening riff, the room was packed — with some of the typical indie rock fans you’d expect, as well as a large contingent of young Asian-Americans.

So, what does a Chinese indie rock band sound like? Well, this one doesn’t sound that far off from American and British indie rock of the 1980s and ’90s — with a touch of that repetitive intensity that German bands like Can made famous as Krautrock. Or maybe that driving repetition sounds more like the Feelies at some moments? And yes, given the fact that Carsick Cars opened some shows for Sonic Youth, the comparison with Sonic Youth seems obvious. And there’s a bit of garage rock in the sound.

But there’s also something different about the sound, and not just the fact that Carsick Cars sings some of its lyrics in Chinese. Like so many great musical transformations throughout history, this is the sound of one culture’s sound as it’s heard by people in another part of the world, imitated in a way that’s a little off, transmitted back to the original culture, sounding like a fresh take on the original.

With Carsick Cars, it all comes together in springy, almost bouncy rhythms, catchy pop melodies and occasional shards of dissonant noise. The band has a terrific new album, simply called 3, which you can stream for at least a while on Buying Viagra With Paypal. Unsure of how readily available Carsick Cars’ records will be in the U.S., I bought all three of the band’s releases at the Burlington’s merch table, just to be on the safe side (and to demonstrate how much I like what I’d heard.) One source for Carsick Cars records is the Buy Ventolin Inhaler

Friday’s show also included an opening set by Order Viagra Online From Canada, a more experimental side project featuring Carsick Cars’ singer-guitarist Zhang Shouwang (the only remaining member from the band’s original lineup). After wearing a plaid shirt during that set, he switched to a Carsick Cars T-shirt — apparently, Chinese rock stars are less wary of wearing their own merch.

The fans near the stage pogoed to Carsick Cars’ riffs, and the night climaxed with “Zhong Nan Hai,” off the band’s self-titlted 2007 debut.  Zhang dove into the audience with his guitar during that song, and Carsick Cars’ fans held him aloft for a minute. Here’s my video of that:

Some rock ‘n’ roll traditions truly are universal.

(Now, I have all the more reason to look forward to Chicago-Montana videographer John Yingling’s project Is Accutane Prescription Only, which is documenting China’s underground rock scene.)

Buspar Buy Online Can I Buy Zovirax Tablets Over The Counter In Uk Buy Cialis Online Canadian Generic Levitra Online Uk Pfizer Viagra Order Buy Viagra Cod Kamagra Free Delivery Uk Buy Hyzaar 100 25 Xenical Sale

Order Kamagra Australia
The set list

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You had to be there. An audio recording of the International Contemporary Ensemble’s performances last weekend at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago might capture some of what happened, but to understand and appreciate what ICE was doing with Betnovate Gm Onlines compositions, you really needed to be inside that three-dimensional space. You needed to move around the museum’s fourth-floor atrium to feel the sound waves coming from various directions.

Viagra Online Kaufen Ohne Rezept Erfahrungen

ICE devoted Best Website To Buy Viagra Online to the work of this innovative composer, the most extensive retrospective of Lucier’s work ever performed in Chicago. (Buy Kamagra Online In The Uk) I attended Saturday’s concert.

The closest thing to a piece of traditional music was Lucier’s 2013 work “Codex,” performed by soprano Tony Arnold and five musicians: David Bowlin on violin, Nicholas Masterson on oboe, Daniel Lippel on guitar, Katinka Kleijn on cello and Campbell MacDonald on clarinet. At times, it seemed like each of these players was expressing just one tiny note at a time: a plink of one string on the guitar, a wordless “ah” from Arnold, a tone from the oboe, and so on, with the notes overlapping to create the sense that they were sustaining. Was it just an illusion that this was a minimal skeleton of music? Or was it an illusion that this seemingly bare framework somehow revealed richer colors? It was a shimmering but mournful wonder.

Some of the other Lucier pieces performed on Saturday were more like sonic experiments than traditional compositions. Most striking was “Still and Moving Lines of Silence in Families of Hyperbolas” (1973–74, revised 2013), which featured two speakers at one end of the atrium emitting tones from pure wave oscillators. We were encouraged to walk around the room and experience the changes in volume level and vibrations where the waves from the two speakers came together. There was Lucier himself, leading a line of people slowly moving forward from the wall to experience the oscillations; I got in line and followed him. Musicians accompanied the oscillations. Just one note — C sharp — was struck on a marimba over and over. The soprano raised her voice and sang along.

That piece segued into “In Memoriam Jon Higgins” (1984), for clarinet and pure wave oscillator. The concert also included a duet between bassoonist Rebekah Heller and an electric lamp. And it ended with a piece that featured no live musicians at all: just a violin hooked up to wires and attached to a pole, surrounded by microphones and sound-sensitive lights.

Through it all, there was a remarkable feeling of calm in the room. You could sense the other people around you paying close attention to every nuance of noise. You could feel the physics of what makes music.

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On the final day of South By Southwest, March 15, 2014, I arrived at Hotel Vegas in late afternoon and stayed throughout the night for the Burger Records showcase. Here are my photos — click on these links to jump ahead — of Where To Buy Clomid Online UkIs Buying Propecia Online IllegalBuy Cephalexin 500mg WithoutKamagra Upotreba Online, Buy Nizoral Shampoo Uk, Actos Procesales IntroduccionOrder Viagra South AfricaVentolin Evohaler OnlineFlomax For SaleBuy Clomid Online South AfricaDove Acquistare Viagra Online ForumPriligy Buy 2014 and Viagra Overnight Delivery Canada.

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Generic Viagra Suhagra Online

Buy Accutane Mexico Japones
Burnt Ones (San Francisco)
Levitra Kostenlos Online
Burnt Ones
Viagra Online Purchase
Burnt Ones

Buy Cialis 5mg Daily Use

Viagra Doctor Online
AJ Davila (San Juan, Puerto Rico)

Flagyl Without Prescription

Get A Valtrex Prescription
Coathangers (Atlanta)
Voltaren Online Nz Vote
Aciphex Discount Program Outage

Norvasc Prescription Assistance

The Kamagra Store Coupon Code
Fletcher C. Johnson (Brooklyn)
Fincar Teilen Online
Fletcher C. Johnson
Where To Buy Clomid Uk
Fletcher C. Johnson

Viagra Lasts 24 Hours

Buy Priligy Online
The Bad Lovers (Austin)
Buy Cialis Online
The Bad Lovers
Cialis Prescription Drug
The Bad Lovers

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Buy Cialis Tablets
The Yolks (Chicago)
Viagra Online Bangalore
The Yolks

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Gap Dream (Akron, Ohio)
Cialis Without A Doctor Prescription Uk
Gap Dream

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Gal Pals (Austin)
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Gal Pals
Elavil Prescription Drug
Gal Pals

Do I Need Prescription For Zoloft

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Bad Sports (Austin/Dallas)
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Bad Sports
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Bad Sports
Celebrex Annual Sales 2011
Bad Sports
Reviews Buying Viagra Online
Bad Sports
Clomid For Sale Australia
Bad Sports
Is Levitra Cheaper Than Viagra
Bad Sports

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Cialis Cheap In Canada
Shocked Minds (Brooklyn)
Propecia Cost At Pharmacy
Shocked Minds
Betnovate Chemist Prescription Only Side Effects
Shocked Minds
Flagyl Pills Online
Shocked Minds
Buy Lasix Online With Mastercard
Shocked Minds

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Cosmonauts (Fullerton, Calif.)
Herbal Viagra Online India
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Female Viagra Online

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Warm Soda (San Francisco)
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Warm Soda
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Warm Soda
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Warm Soda

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Habibi (New York)
Kamagra Uk Store
Wo Viagra Online Kaufen Forum

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Voltaren Salep Untuk Nanah

My photos from daytime shows during the fifth day of South By Southwest, March 15, 2014, including — click on these links to jump ahead — Paracetamol Buy 2014Zovirax Salep CacarKamagra Online Erfahrungen and Cephalexin Rezeptfrei Online. (I have a Clomid Buy Online Australia.)

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Cost Of Viagra Online
WatchOut! (Santiago, Chile) at the International Day Stage
Norvasc Buy Online
WatchOut! at the International Day Stage
Discount Coupons For Cialis
WatchOut! at the International Day Stage
Flagyl Epocrates Online
WatchOut! at the International Day Stage

Actos Procesales Nulos De Pleno Derecho

Ejemplo De Actos Procesales En Colombia
Sivu (Cambridge, England) at the International Day Stage

Canadian Generic Viagra Pharmacy

Buy Aldactone
Protomartyr (Detroit) at Beerland
Buy Nizoral 1 Online
Protomartyr at Beerland
Buy Viagra Online Generic
Protomartyr at Beerland

Buy Kamagra Oral Jelly Paypal Uk

Salep Zovirax Acyclovir
The Melodic (London) at the Flat Stock Stage
Buy Voltaren Online Uk
The Melodic at the Flat Stock Stage
Order Viagra Online Cost
The Melodic at the Flat Stock Stage
Buy Prevacid Solutab Otc
The Melodic at the Flat Stock Stage

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Buy A Ventolin Inhaler

Ex Hex is a new band on the Sub Pop label starring Mary Timony of Helium and Wild Flag, Fire Tapes bassist Betsy Wright and the Aquarium drummer Laura Harris. They played several times at South By Southwest; I saw their gig on Saturday afternoon, March 15, 2014, during Brooklyn Vegan’s party at Red 7. Wright in particular seemed to having a blast onstage, frequently coming over toward Timony to face off with her, one rocker to another. (You can hear Ex Hex’s song “Hot and Cold” Clomid Online Bodybuilding.)

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Order Proscar Uk Prescription Viagra Substitute Buy Generic Viagra From India Viagra Delivery Usa Propecia Where To Buy Usa Bestalla Proscar Online Prednisone 20mg For Sale Nizoral Shampoo Where To Buy Walgreens Proscar Osterreich Online Pharmacy Viagra Now Buy Cipro Online Usa Clomid Pct Buy Online Lipitor Sales China Cheap Kamagra Oral Jelly Buy Cheap Viagra Pills Cialis Buy Canada Is Ventolin Prescription

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My photos from the fourth night of South By Southwest, March 14, 2014, including — click on these links to jump ahead — Cialis Or Viagra Cheaper, Viagra Online Kaufen Mit RezeptValtrex Prescription DirectionsBuy Cheap Amoxil OnlineNizoral Uk OnlinePropionyl-l-carnitine Viagra Online and Buy Cialis Soft Generic.

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EMA (Portland, Ore.) at Central Presbyterian Church
Online Viagra Buy
EMA at Central Presbyterian Church
Astrazeneca Crestor Sales
EMA at Central Presbyterian Church
Viagra Original Online Bestellen
EMA at Central Presbyterian Church

How To Get Prescription For Periactin

Levitra Online Cost
The Shilohs (Vancouver, B.C.) at Maggie Mae’s
Alfuzosin Viagra Online
The Shilohs at Maggie Mae’s
Buy Viagra At A Discount
The Shilohs at Maggie Mae’s

Buy Glucophage Canada

Buy Cialis No Prescription
Connections (Columbus, Ohio) at Lamberts
Crestor Prescription Cost
Connections at Lamberts
Crestor Canada Pharmacy
Connections at Lamberts
Cialis Online Reviews
Connections at Lamberts

Doryx Vs Accutane Online

Viagra Buy In Pakistan
Death By Unga Bunga (Oslo, Norway) at Icenhauer’s
Buy Clomid Online Fast Delivery
Death By Unga Bunga at Icenhauer’s
Xenical Pills To Buy
Death By Unga Bunga at Icenhauer’s
Order Nexium Online From Canada
Death By Unga Bunga at Icenhauer’s
Buy Cheap Xenical Online Uk
Death By Unga Bunga at Icenhauer’s
Kamagra Pharmacy Thailand
Death By Unga Bunga at Icenhauer’s

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Nive Nielsen & The Deer Children (Nuuk, Greenland) at Esther’s Follies
Viagra Online Shopping In Mumbai
Nive Nielsen & The Deer Children at Esther’s Follies
Bactrim Ds Buy Online
Nive Nielsen & The Deer Children at Esther’s Follies

Viagra Cheap Online Uk

Pletal Viagra Online
Gulp (Cardiff, Wales) at the Hideout
Nizoral Shampoo Online Shopping India
Gulp at the Hideout

Where To Buy Valtrex Online

Viagra For Sale From Canada
Songs of Water (Greensboro, N.C.) at the Hideout
Buy Priligy Tablets
Songs of Water at the Hideout

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Is It Safe To Buy Cialis In Mexico

My photos from the Bloodshot Records party during South By Southwest, March 14, 2014, at the Yard Dog art gallery, including: the Where To Buy LasixBuy Cheap Viagra CanadaVoltaren Pills Cvs PharmacyCialis Online 24 OreIndocin Pills Online, and Viagra Order Online. (I have a separate gallery of Viagra Canadian Online photos from the same party.)

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Kamagra 24 Hour Delivery Uk

Buy Liquid Clomid Australia
The Deslondes
Kopa Voltaren Online
The Deslondes (New Orleans)

Online Pharmacy Viagra Generic

Voltaren Emulgel Embarazo Online
Robbie Fulks (Chicago)
Viagra Prescription Size
Robbie Fulks

Xenical Buy Online Uk

How To Order Cialis Online
Rosie Flores (Austin)
Can You Buy Valtrex Over The Counter In Australia
Rosie Flores
Generic Buy Cialis
Rosie Flores

Cheap Kamagra Uk Buy

Propecia 5mg Cheap
Bobby Bare Jr. (Nashville)
Cialis Online Ordering
Bobby Bare Jr.
What Is Cheaper Cialis Or Viagra
Bobby Bare Jr.
Viagra Free On Prescription
Bobby Bare Jr.’s band

Actos Procesales Impulsorios

Buy Ventolin Online Australia
Luke Winslow King (New Orleans)
Can You Buy Viagra In Cancun Mexico
Luke Winslow King
Buy Generic Cialis Online With Paypal
Luke Winslow King
Clomid Online Pharmacy Uk
Esther Rose
Viagra In Canada For Sale
Esther Rose and Luke Winslow King
Anafranil Online Free
Esther Rose

Cymbalta Online Order Form

Online Pharmacy Viagra Cheap
Ha Ha Tonka (Springfield, Mo.)
Clomid Online From India
Ha Ha Tonka
Topamax Online Kaufen
Ha Ha Tonka
Best Price Generic Viagra Online
Ha Ha Tonka
Viagra Tablets Online
Ha Ha Tonka

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Can Viagra Be Ordered Online

Country singer Ampicillin Bestellen Onlinehas a terrific new album out on Bloodshot Records called Somewhere Else, and she played a bunch of times last week in Austin, Texas, during South By Southwest. The show I caught was her performance on Friday afternoon (March 14, 2014) at Bloodshot’s unofficial SXSW party at the Yard Dog art gallery on South Congress. It was just the sort of passionate and fierce performance I expected after listening to her record many times, enhanced by the fact that her backup band really kicked ass. At the start of the show, she introduced the crowd to her tour mascot — I believe she said its name is Baby Monty. “Rescued from a Denny’s in Kansas City.”

Near the end of her set, she sarcastically remarked, “I hope you’ve enjoyed our Neko Case tribute set. … We’re ‘Little Neko Case.'” She was alluding to the critics who have said she sounds a lot like Case. I can see why people would compare them, but the thought hadn’t even crossed my mind. Loveless has a distinctive personality and singing style all her own.

Where Can I Buy Clomid Online Uk Buying Viagra Online Is It Safe Kamagra Eu Sales Buy Accutane Online Usa Nexium Manufacturer Discount Card Buy Kamagra Jelly Next Day Delivery Uk Nizoral Where To Buy In Uk Viagra Scherzartikel Onlineshop Buy Viagra Online Using Paypal Cheapest Viagra Pharmacy Kamagra Online Rezeptfrei Cymbalta Zoloft Together Online Voltaren Online Kaufen Legal Cialis Online Non Prescription Viagra Sales 2015 Cymbalta Prescription Prices Australia Buy Xenical Tablets Uk


Glucophage Scanner Online. And here’s my Dapoxetine Kamagra Online.

Buying Levitra In Mexico

My photos from the nighttime showcases on Day 3 of SXSW, March 13, 2014, including: Aldactone Rezeptfrei OnlineViagra Online BelgiumOnline Viagra Tablets In IndiaCialis Online Apotheke and Buy Voltaren Emulgel Hinta. (I have separate galleries for a couple of the bands I saw this night — Prednisone 20 Mg Online and the Nizoral Online — plus Buy Ciprofloxacin 500mg Alcohol.)

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Kamagra Online Bestellen Erfahrung

Buy Zovirax Ophthalmic Ointment
Smacksoft (Seoul, South Korea) at Icenhauer’s
Prevacid Online Canada
Smacksoft at Icenhauer’s
Buy Elavil
Smacksoft at Icenhauer’s
Where To Buy Kamagra Jelly In London
Smacksoft at Icenhauer’s
Stromectol Osterreich Online
Smacksoft at Icenhauer’s
Lasix Buy
Smacksoft at Icenhauer’s
Where To Buy Voltaren Gel 1
Smacksoft at Icenhauer’s

Clomid Prescription 7th

Valtrex 500mg Online
Arc Iris (Providence, R.I.) at Bungalow
How To Get Cialis Prescription From Your Doctor
Arc Iris at Bungalow
Can U Buy Viagra In Canada
Arc Iris at Bungalow
Diovan Beipackzettel Online
Arc Iris at Bungalow
Generic Viagra Uk Online
Arc Iris at Bungalow

Buy Online Cialis In Canada

Valtrex Prescription Australia
Utopians (Buenos Aires, Argentina) at Vulcan Gas Company
Get Clomid Prescription
Utopians at Vulcan Gas Company
How Old Do You Have To Be To Buy Viagra In The Uk
Utopians at Vulcan Gas Company
Aciphex Canada Pharmacy
Utopians at Vulcan Gas Company

Benicar Online Prescription

Fincar Buy
Laura Cantrell (New York) at the 18th Floor at the Hilton Garden Inn
Viagra Dubai Prescription
Laura Cantrell at the 18th Floor at the Hilton Garden Inn
Viagra Online Korea
Laura Cantrell at the 18th Floor at the Hilton Garden Inn

Cheap Viagra Alternatives Uk

Clomid Buy India
Honeyblood (Glasgow) at Holy Mountain Backyard
Dangers Of Buying Cialis Online
Honeyblood at Holy Mountain Backyard
Cialis Online Order
Honeyblood at Holy Mountain Backyard
Buy Diflucan Online Nz
Honeyblood at Holy Mountain Backyard
Best Online Viagra Prices
Honeyblood at Holy Mountain Backyard

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Generic Viagra Online 50mg

My photos from the first half of Day 3 at South By Southwest 2014, including: Gary Numan, the  “Warehouse: Songs and Stories” songwriting panel (with Cheapest Zithromax Online, How To Buy Cialis, Cymbalta Prescription Cost 2014, Cialis Pharmacy Online Uk and Buy Lexapro Generic Online), Cialis Online GermanyCymbalta Discount Card To Use With InsuranceWhere Can I Buy Clomid DrugZoloft Prescription Xanax and the Cialis Online Free Trial.

Glucophage Scanner Online. And here’s my Lipitor Questions Online

Buy Priligy Online Paypal
Gary Numan, interviewed at the Austin Convention Center

Benicar Prescription Drug

Cymbalta Online Sales Tax
Bob Mould at the “Warehouse: Songs and Stories” songwriting panel

Actos Procesales Penales En Venezuela

Aciphex Canadian Pharmacy Jobs
Britt Daniel at the “Warehouse: Songs and Stories” songwriting panel

Viagra Uk Delivery

Best Place To Buy Viagra Online 2013
Jeremy Messersmith at the “Warehouse: Songs and Stories” songwriting panel

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Matthew Caws and Steve Wynn at the “Warehouse: Songs and Stories” songwriting panel

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Rebel Cats (Mexico City) at the International Day Stage
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Rebel Cats at the International Day Stage
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Rebel Cats at the International Day Stage

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Air Traffic Controller (Boston) at Berklee’s Party
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Air Traffic Controller at Berklee’s Party

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Elizabeth & the Catapult (Brooklyn) at Berklee’s Party
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Elizabeth & the Catapult at Berklee’s Party

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Tereu Tereu (Washington) at the DC vs. the World Party at New Movement Theater
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Tereu Tereu
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Tereu Tereu
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Tereu Tereu
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Tereu Tereu

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The Blind Shake (Minneapolis) at the DC vs. the World Party at New Movement Theater
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The Blind Shake
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The Blind Shake
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The Blind Shake
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The Blind Shake

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Levitra Online Sat?s, an all-female rock band from Oslo, Norway, who have been together since 1999, played the final time slot of the night at B.D. Riley’s on March 13, 2014, at South By Southwest — and it was one of the most fun shows I saw all week. The Launderettes play songs in the style of 1960s girl groups, occasionally dipping back into 1950s styles or evoking later punk-era bands like the B-52s and throwing in a few Theremin solos. A good way to acquaint yourself with this group is the best-of collection Diflucan For Sale Uk, which came out in 2007 on Steven Van Zandt’s Wicked Cool Record Co. label.

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The Australian rock band Diferencia Entre Actos Y Hechos Procesales has been together since 1990, and its two key members — brothers Peter O’Doherty and Reg Mombassa (aka Chris O’Doherty) — have been playing even longer than that. They were members of another Australian band, Mental as Anything, which formed in Sydney in 1976. And yet, somehow Dog Trumpet had escaped my attention until now. And the band had never played in the U.S. until a visit to Austin, Texas, last week for South By Southwest.

I saw Dog Trumpet play a gig at B.D. Riley’s on the third day of SXSW, and the group’s songs immediately hooked me. Something about the way the brothers sing reminds me of the Faces, especially Ronnie Lane’s songs. They also came across as talented musicians who know how to play guitar solos in the classic rock style. And if I had any doubt, how could I not like a band with a song about the Kinks?

I liked Dog Trumpet enough that I decided to buy a copy of the band’s double CD from 2013, Medicated Spirits, and sure enough, it sounds terrific. Now, I’ll have to dig deeper into the Dog Trumpet discography. And hope that these guys decide to visit our shores again sometime soon.

(A note on these photos: Can you tell I was struggling to overcome the terrible, i.e., heavily red, lighting at B.D. Riley’s?)

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My photos from Day 2 of the South By Southwest festival, March 12, 2014, including Buy Neurontin Uk,Kamagra Tablets OnlineParacetamol Online KaufenViagra To Buy In UkPfizer Viagra Home Delivery, Bactrim Epocrates OnlineKamagra Cdiscount 77 and Zithromax Prescription Information. (I have separate galleries for three of the other performers I saw on March 12: Zithromax Online OrderKaufen Viagra Online and Cheap Kamagra Online Uk.)

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LosPetitFellas (Bogota, Colombia) at the Radio Day Stage
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LosPetitFellas at the Radio Day Stage
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LosPetitFellas at the Radio Day Stage

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Jarvis Cocker lecture
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Jarvis Cocker lecture

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R. Ring (Dayton, Ohio) at the Sub Pop Licensing Party at North Door
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R. Ring’s merch table, with Kelley Deal’s handmade CD covers
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R. Ring (Dayton, Ohio) at the Sub Pop Licensing Party at North Door

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Birth of Joy (Amsterdam) at BD Riley’s
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Birth of Joy at BD Riley’s

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Señor Faraón (Montevideo, Uruguay) at Speakeasy
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Señor Faraón at Speakeasy

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The Haden Triplets (Los Angeles) at St. David’s Sanctuary
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The Haden Triplets at St. David’s Sanctuary
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The Haden Triplets at St. David’s Sanctuary

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Lyenn (Brussels) at Stephen F’s Bar
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Lyenn at Stephen F’s Bar

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Damon Albarn (London) at Stubb’s
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Damon Albarn at Stubb’s

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In 2007, I caught Best Place To Buy Kamagra Jelly ? by the Japanese band Accutane Buy Online Us, which sticks in my memory for being so frantic and strange. As far as I know, the group hasn’t really broken through to audiences in the U.S., but I’m heartened by the fact that they’re still at it seven years later. Mothercoat was back in Austin last week for another round of SXSW appearances, including a set that I saw early in the afternoon on the International Day Stage inside the Austin Convention Center. Once again, these musicians showed that they have great technical skills and a peculiar intensity. The twitchy music reminded me of Radiohead, Talking Heads and math rock, and the group even gave a shout-out to Michael Jackson.

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One of the best groups I saw at SXSW this year was a South Korean band calledBenicar Prescription, which uses some traditional Korean instruments, along with electric guitar, bass and drums, creating a dramatic combination of Asian music with heavy metal and the orchestral sweep of ensembles like Godspeed You! Black Emperor. Jambinai’s great 2012 album Differance is Levitra Online Pay Paypal.

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Here are a short video and several photos I took of Jambinai’s performance on March 12, 2014, at SXSW’s International Day Stage:

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My photos of St. Vincent (aka Annie Clark) on March 12, 2014, at South By Southwest — including a couple shots of her during an interview at the Austin Convention Center and at a concert later that night at Stubbs.

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My photos from Tuesday, March 11, the first day of South By Southwest, including: Neil Young, Buy Levitra Super Force Online, Buy Viagra Stockholm, Diflucan Buy In Usa, Buy Priligy In Hong Kong, Khasiat Salep Voltaren 75, Diflucan Prescription Assistance, Order Xenical Canada and Buy Viagra Online Cheap.

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Neil Young speaks at the Austin Convention Center.
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Neil Young speaks at the Austin Convention Center.
Sustiva 2013 Online
Neil Young speaks at the Austin Convention Center.

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Shelby Earl (Seattle) at Javelina
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Shelby Earl at Javelina
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Shelby Earl at Javelina

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Mozes and the Firstborn (Eindhoven, Netherlands) at Bar 96
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Mozes and the Firstborn at Bar 96
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Mozes and the Firstborn at Bar 96
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Mozes and the Firstborn at Bar 96

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Mister and Mississippi (Utrechet, Netherlands) at Bar 96
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Mister and Mississippi at Bar 96
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Mister and Mississippi at Bar 96
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Mister and Mississippi at Bar 96
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Mister and Mississippi at Bar 96
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Mister and Mississippi at Bar 96
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Mister and Mississippi at Bar 96

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Landlady (Brooklyn) at Trinity Hall @ Old School
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Landlady at Trinity Hall @ Old School

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Those Howlings (Austin) at Cheer Up Charlie’s
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Those Howlings at Cheer Up Charlie’s
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Those Howlings at Cheer Up Charlie’s
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Those Howlings at Cheer Up Charlie’s
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Those Howlings at Cheer Up Charlie’s

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Quiet Company (Austin) at The Main II
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Quiet Company at The Main II

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GHXST (Brooklyn) at Lit Lounge
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GHXST at Lit Lounge
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GHXST at Lit Lounge
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GHXST at Lit Lounge
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GHXST at Lit Lounge
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GHXST at Lit Lounge

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Together Pangea (Los Angeles) at Haven
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Together Pangea at Haven
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Together Pangea at Haven
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Together Pangea at Haven
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Together Pangea at Haven
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Together Pangea at Haven
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Together Pangea at Haven
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Together Pangea at Haven
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Together Pangea at Haven

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This was the year people died at South By Southwest.

The sprawling, raucous, nebulous combination of a trade show, academic conference, rock festival and backyard barbecue went silent for a minute on Thursday night. I happened to be at a bar called Holy Mountain, waiting for a band from Glasgow called Honeyblood to play on the “backyard” stage, when a 20-something woman in a green SXSW shirt stepped up to the microphone and asked, somewhat meekly, for quiet. She had an announcement to make.

It took a minute for the usual bar chatter to subside, but fairly soon, everyone paid heed to the chorus of shushing. And then the woman at the mic asked us all to be silent for a moment of reflection about those who were killed and injured the night before, by an allegedly intoxicated motorist who has been charged with murder. The silence was not complete, of course — sounds floated into the room from the city around us — but for a tent in the middle of a rock festival, the hush seemed remarkable. A full minute or more elapsed.

Acquista Cialis Generico Online

And then, glancing at her watch and exchanging a look with another SXSW volunteer, the young woman thanked us. People returned to their conversations and drank their beers. The two young Scottish lasses who make up the band Honeyblood took the stage and began pounding out their scrappy songs. The moment had passed. The music went on. But I think it’s safe to say that the tragic events of the week remained on the minds of many people throughout the rest of SXSW. (The Cheap Cialis Tablets is accepting donations to help people affected by the tragic events of March 13.)

As David Carr and Manny Fernandez Buy Paracetamol In Bulk, the tragedy “crystallized a question floating around the edges of the festival for years: Has South by Southwest become too big and too rowdy, and has it lost the original spirit of what it intended to be?” Based on everything I’ve read so far about Thursday night’s terrible incident, I don’t believe it’s fair to hold SXSW itself or Austin officials responsible for what happened. Anywhere large crowds gather, it’s always possible that that someone will create havoc. There’s only so much authorities can do to prevent crimes and accidents.

And yet, it’s true that downtown Austin’s main east-west drag, Sixth Street, which is closed off to motor vehicles, gets alarmingly crowded every night of the festival. Unlike Lollapalooza, Pitchfork and other music festivals where audience members need to a ticket to enter a fenced-in area, SXSW unfolds at nearly 100 nightclubs and other venues spread out in and around downtown Austin, without any wall to keep out anyone.

That’s part of what makes it so great, but it also makes it an attraction for people who just want to party in the middle of the street. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, either, but it can result in dangerous crowding, rowdy behavior and many near collisions involving pedestrians, bicyclists, cars and Austin’s increasingly plentiful pedicabs. In the midst of this chaos, people like me are rushing from one music venue to another to see short concerts by the thousands of bands SXSW has imported into Austin for the week. It’s a wonder more people don’t get hurt.

At one point on Friday night, en route to catch a band from Greenland, I approached Sixth Street, looking for the entrance to Esther’s Follies. Several people came running recklessly around the corner. At first, I thought it was just a few revelers goofing around, but as I turned onto Sixth, I saw dozens of people were scrambling down the street. A man held his arm protectively in front of me and gestured for me to stand against the wall. I asked, “What’s going on?” A man passing by told me, “There was a huge brawl in the middle of the street.” We both looked up the street to the area where the action seemed to be happening. The noise subsided and the wave of people stopped rippling. “Oh,” the man said, “it looks like it’s over now.” It turned out to be just a passing moment of panic in the midst of the Sixth Street scene. [Update: Prescription Prevacid Coupon Printable might be the same incident. Either that, or yet another brawl during SXSW.]

Avodart Online
Bad Sports

So, is SXSW too big? Perhaps, but I don’t see how it’ll ever shrink. As annoying as the sprawl can be, it’s also what makes SXSW special. The week of SXSW offers far more than just the official music, interactive and interactive conference. Countless unofficial parties and concerts are happening in just about every nook and cranny of Austin. The whole city feels alive with music and its legendary weirdness. It all adds up to an impossibly long list of entertainment options.

Think of SXSW this way: At a festival like Pitchfork, with three stages, you can see around 50 percent of the musical performances if you attend for the whole weekend. Lollapalooza has several stages, so you’ll probably see something like 10 percent of all the performances. How about SXSW? At any given time during the week, close to 100 official concerts are happening, plus dozens of unofficial shows. Now, many bands play multiple gigs, which does make it easier to catch them at some point during the week. But in the end, you’ll see only a fraction of 1 percent of everything that happened.

As a result, SXSW is an event where your experience may be utterly different from someone else’s.

For someone focusing on the big names, this was the year Lady Gaga ruled SXSW, delivering the keynote speech and faux-puking during her concert. And, according to another New York Times article, this was the year that Asacol Pharmacy Card(“Starts?” you may be thinking… Betnovate Ointment For Sale to that review and some of the other SXSW press coverage.)

I really don’t care about Lady Gaga (or Keith Urban or Pitbull or Justin Bieber), so I avoided all of that folderol. This was my first visit to SXSW since 2008, and for me, this was a chance to see a lot of bands I haven’t seen before. I ended up watching full sets by 62 musical acts, plus portions of another eight shows. The vast majority of these bands and singers were completely new to me. In most cases, I’d listened to a song or two by these artists when I was trying to decide what to see.

And in most cases, these bands delivered some really good and even great performances. Stipulating that my SXSW was different from everyone else’s, for me this was the year that guitars and garage rock were stronger than ever. On the final night at Hotel Vegas, located over on an increasingly popular stretch of East Sixth Street, the young fans moshed like mad and tossed beers as bands like Dirty Fences and Bad Sports bashed out their songs.

Khasiat Voltaren Salep Jerawat
Lydia Loveless

I didn’t deliberately set out to see a lot of bands led by women, but the ladies dominated the stages this year, from the hard-rocking country singer Lydia Loveless (who wedged her guitar neck between her legs at one point) to St. Vincent, who moved like a wind-up doll in a bloodstained dress. Compared with those theatrics, Laura Cantrell and the Haden Triplets each gave low-key performances, and yet their vocals were among the most beautiful things I heard all week.

I did try to see as many artists from distant places as I could, including musicians from the Netherlands, South Korea, Uruguay and other countries. The Norwegian bands Death By Unga Bunga and the Launderettes topped almost everyone else with their sense of fun showmanship. The Japanese band Mothercoat, which I saw at SXSW in 2007, impressed me all over again with its jumpy, tricky art rock. And South Korea’s Jambinai gave me goose bumps with the powerful, almost orchestral sweep of its compositions, which blended traditional Korean instruments with elements of heavy metal.

Cymbalta Savings Coupons Online

Some bands traveled a long way to perform in front of just a few people — how disappointing that must be — while hundreds of people lined up elsewhere to see bigger-name and more-hyped artists. But you could sense how gratified and pleased musicians from distant shores felt when they roused even a small crowd with their music. The Australian band Dog Trumpet, which formed all the way back in 1990, had never performed in the U.S. until now, but it didn’t take long for these veteran roots-rockers to win over new fans — including me — with their instantly catchy songs.

My other favorites of the week included Ex Hex, Smacksoft, the Blind Shake, Burnt Ones, Cosmonauts, Warm Soda and Connections, a young group from Columbus, Ohio, that sounds so, so much like Guided By Voices in its prime. On the first night of SXSW, I stopped to watch the Dutch band Mozes and the Firstborn just because I liked the sound of their music coming from Bar 96 as I was walking past. At the end of the night, I spotted some of the guys from that band in the audience at another gig, by the excellent California group Together Pangea, moshing like true fans.

In spite of last week’s tragedy outside the Mohawk, SXSW 2014 was fun and even inspiring. So many people, speaking in all sorts of accents and languages, gathered in one weird place to make and hear music.

A list of all the bands I saw at SXSW is below. Voltaren Non Prescription SunglassesAnd what about photos? Well, I took more than 29,000 over the five days of music, and I’ve barely had a chance to look through all those pictures to choose the best ones. My plan is to take my time and post a number of galleries in the coming weeks. Stay tuned…

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(*=partial set)

Cymbalta Prescription Card Ireland
Viagra Online Sample (Seattle) at Javelina
Which Is Cheaper Viagra Or Levitra (Eindhoven, Netherlands) at Bar 96
Buy Online Viagra In Uk (Utrechet, Netherlands) at Bar 96
Buy Viagra Online Yahoo Answers (Brooklyn) Trinity Hall @ Old School
*The Sour Notes (Austin) at Cheer Up Charlie’s
Kroger Pharmacy Viagra Price (Austin) at Cheer Up Charlie’s
*Prednisone Prescription Only (Austin) at The Main II
How Much Does Viagra Cost With A Prescription (Brooklyn) at Lit Lounge
*banks (Los Angeles) at Haven
Where Can I Buy Propecia Uk (Los Angeles) at Haven

Zithromax Mims Online (Bogota, Colombia) at the Radio Day Stage
Zithromax Online Order (Japan) at the International Day Stage
Legal Buy Viagra Online Us lecture
Cheap Kamagra Online Uk SXSW interview
Kaufen Viagra Online (Seoul, South Korea) at the International Day Stage
Where Can I Buy Xenical Diet Pills (Dayton, Ohio) at the Sub Pop Licensing Party at North Door
Get Neurontin Online (Amsterdam) at BD Riley’s
Viagra Uk Buy Online (Montevideo, Uruguay) at Speakeasy
Cheapest Generic Viagra 100mg (Los Angeles) at St. David’s Sanctuary
Stromectol Canadian Pharmacy (Brussels) at Stephen F’s Bar
Cheap Kamagra Online Uk (New York) at Stubb’s
Buy Viagra Or Cialis Online (London) at Stubb’s

Buy Lipitor Online India
“Warehouse: Songs and Stories” songwriting panel with How To Buy Viagra Tablets In India,Buy Cialis Online MastercardKamagra Apoteka OnlineWhen Will Nizoral Be Back In Stores 2013 and Voltaren Emulgel Buy Canada
Buy Kamagra Oral Jelly From India (Mexico City) at the International Day Stage
Buy Cialis Canada Pharmacy (Boston) at Berklee’s Party
Voltaren Discount Card 64gb (Brooklyn) at Berklee’s Party
Nizoral Cream Buy Online India (Washington) at the DC vs. the World Party at New Movement Theater
Buy Xenical Online Malaysia (Minneapolis) at the DC vs. the World Party at New Movement Theater
Prednisone 20 Mg Online (Sydney) at BD Riley’s
Viagra In Dubai Online (Seoul, South Korea) at Icenhauer’s
Flibanserin Sale Qld (Providence, R.I.) at Bungalow
*Alika & Nueva Alianza Buenos Aires, Argentina) at Vulcan Gas Company
Cymbalta Online Pharmacy (Buenos Aires, Argentina) at Vulcan Gas Company
Generic Cialis Online Pharmacy (New York) at the 18th Floor at the Hilton Gardens
Aciphex Online Purchase (Glasgow) at Holy Mountain Backyard
Cialis Kostenlos Online (Oslo, Norway) at BD Riley’s

Neurontin Embarazo Online (New Orleans) at the Bloodshot Party at Yard Dog
Stromectol Online Pharmacy (Chicago) at the Bloodshot Party at Yard Dog
Buy Kamagra Oral Jelly Usa (Austin) at the Bloodshot Party at Yard Dog
Discount Prices On Cialis (Nashville) at the Bloodshot Party at Yard Dog
Best Website To Buy Kamagra In Uk (New Orleans) at the Bloodshot Party at Yard Dog
Buy Generic Viagra Online Safely (Springfield, Mo.) at the Bloodshot Party at Yard Dog
Viagra Canadian Online (Coshtocton, Ohio) at the Bloodshot Party at Yard Dog
Buy Priligy In Uae (Portland, Ore.) at Central Presbyterian Church
Buy Amoxil Online Uk, (Vancouver, B.C.) at Maggie Mae’s
Can You Buy Ciprodex Over The Counter (Columbus, Ohio) at Lamberts
Avodart Online Free (Oslo, Norway) at Icenhauer’s
Do You Need A Prescription To Buy Viagra Online (Nuuk, Greenland) at Esther’s Follies
8000 Viagra Online (Cardiff, Wales) at the Hideout
Levitra Online Overnight Delivery (Greensboro, N.C.) at the Hideout

Ciprofloxacin Price Philippines Kimstore (Santiago, Chile) at the International Day Stage
Cialis Order Canada (Cambridge, England) at the International Day Stage
*The Griswolds (Sydney) at the Aussie BBQ
Accutane Isotretinoin Buy (Detroit) at Beerland
Order Propecia India (Washington, D.C.) at the Brooklyn Vegan Party at Red 7
Diflucan Online Order (London) at the Flat Stock Stage
*Ditch Witch (Austin) at Burgermania at Hotel Vegas
Levitra For Sale In Australia (San Francisco) at Burgermania at Hotel Vegas @ Volstead
*Mirtazapine Zyban Online (San Juan, Puerto Rico) at Burgermania at Hotel Vegas
Strattera Online Canada (Atlanta) at Burgermania at Hotel Vegas @ Volstead
Forum Viagra Online (Brooklyn) at Burgermania at Hotel Vegas
Nizoral Buy (Austin) at Hotel Vegas
Buy Kamagra Cheap Uk (Chicago) at Hotel Vegas @ Volstead
Generic Propecia Discount (Akron, Ohio) at Hotel Vegas
Need Prescription For Cialis (Austin) at Hotel Vegas
Buy Nexium 40 Mg (Austin/Dallas) at Hotel Vegas
Actos Intimos Online (Brooklyn) at Hotel Vegas
Prevacid Prescription Uk (Fullerton, Calif.) at Hotel Vegas
Clomid Order Uk (San Francisco) at Hotel Vegas
*Dirty Fences (Brooklyn) at Hotel Vegas @ Volstead
Buy Bactrim Ds Online (New York) at Hotel Vegas @ Volstead
*Mozes and the Firstborn (Eindhoven, Netherlands) at Hotel Vegas

Order Viagra Online Overnight Delivery

Selections from my tweets at South By Southwest 2014. (Follow me at Buy Viagra 200 Mg.)


Kamagra Wholesale Price Landed in Austin #sxsw

Cialis Pills BuyI think those are grackles I hear. #austin #sxsw

Finasteride (propecia) PrescriptionSaw some actual longhorns grazing along the interstate. #SXSW #austin

Ciprodex Prescription GlassesNeil Young at #SXSW: “I’m running for president.” (Laughter) “I’m Canadian. No. That’ll never happen. That’s a joke.”

Online Viagra Ordering

Isotretinoina O Accutane OnlineNeil Young at #SXSW: “I always thought the ‘loudness war’ was something that was going to be really fun.”

Aciphex Pharmacy XanaxNeil Young at #SXSW, on computer speakers: “Why don’t they make some computers that have balls?”

Online Generic PropeciaOverheard at #SXSW: “Jesus is white people’s fan fiction.”

Viagra Online Ohne Rezept Erfahrung My first Google Glass spotting #SXSW

Accutane 5 Mg OnlineThe rickshaws/pedicabs are out in force. #SXSW

Clomid Indian Pharmacy

Buy Genuine Proscar UkStarting off the #sxsw music with Shelby Earl (who sounds great) at Javelina. Not sure about the rest of the night.

Augmentin Osterreich Online Totally random stop at Bar 96, which has Dutch bands all night. I am liking this one (Mozes and the Firstborn) a lot. Catchy, 60s-ish. #sxsw

Buy Propecia WalmartI’d consider going to a venue with a power strip near the stage for cellphone charging. #sxsw

Elimite Cream For SaleI’m sticking with the Dutch bands for now. Next up is the curiously named Mister and Mississippi, which I had on my “to see” list. #SXSW

Viagra Generika Online Bestellen ErfahrungenAsian dude in a mosh pit wearing 3-D glasses: check #sxsw

Prednisone Prescription Example

Order Cialis Online Next Day DeliveryThis was a #sxsw first for me: a venue where the doorman didn’t know the name of the venue (the confusing “Trinity Hall @ Old School”)

Accutane Online KaufenSpotted at #SXSW: Chick in a black dress wearing a GoPro on her head.

Diovan Canada PharmacyFinishing my #SXSW night with a raging set by Together Pangea. Mosh pit is hopping.

Mobic Sales JobsI saw a Dutch musician, his shirt torn from the mosh pit, take off one of his shoes and sing into it. #SXSW


Cymbalta Online Price YearlySXSW band bio: “their DNA is undeniably rock and roll.”

Crestor OnlineStarting off my #SXSW day with an 11 a.m. set by a band from Bogota called LosPetitFellas … because … why not?

Tadacip Pills OnlineThe Japanese band mothercoat, which impressed me several years back with an insanely intense show, plays at noon at the Convention Center.

How To Buy Cialis From CanadaThere are 11 people here to see the band from Bogota, in a room that could hold more than 1,000. #sxsw

To Buy Viagra Online In AustraliaAn annoying thing about photographing people on Austin Convention Center stages: ad logos in the background for Penzoil, Deloitte etc. #SXSW

Order Hyzaar OnlineAttending a lecture by professor Jarvis Cocker #SXSW

Do You Need A Prescription For Zoloft In Mexico

Cheap Kamagra Next Day Delivery Uk“Oh, I *hate* that noise,” Jarvis Cocker says — as his Apple makes that volume-adjusting “bloop.” #SXSW

Norvasc Beipackzettel Online St. Vincent, describing her early recordings: “It was a little more ‘jazz hands.’” #SXSW

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Viagra Online From MexicoSt. Vincent on singing about sex: “It’s not being done to me. I’m in control of this. I’m a human being with sexual faculties.” #SXSW

Voltaren Tablets To BuyHoly crap, this South Korean band Jambinai is incredible. Traditional Korean instruments plus heavy metal. #SXSW

Actos Societarios Online EloI got close enough to hear Avodart 0.5 Mg Buy singing in the next room at Mohawk, but it was too crowded to get closer than that. #SXSW

flibanserin buyNo sign of Murray Hewitt at this New Zealand #SXSW party.

Viagra Online Kopen Belgie But there is dude wearing a black robe. #SXSW

Where To Buy Generic Viagra In AustraliaThis is where the action’s really at. #SXSW

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Diovan Bulario OnlineUp next for me at #SXSW is more Dutch rock: Pride of Joy, from Amsterdam, playing at B.D. Riley’s

Accutane Isotretinoin Gel OnlineBeautiful performance by Uruguayan singer-guitarist Senor Faraon, marred by sound bleed from the back room of the venue (Speakeasy). #SXSW

Pharmacy2u Propecia Online Someone just asked me, “Are you Hector?” #SXSW

Vasotec Buy OnlineSt. Louis hip-hop act Doorway is rapping through the windows of a truck driving down Congress. #SXSW

Eldepryl Buy 2014After seeing a lot of bands no one has heard of, I am finshing the night at Stubbs with St. Vincent and Damon Albarn. #SXSW

Buy Ventolin Solution RT Xenical Prescription 9thReports are coming in of a car accident involving several people outside the Mohawk. Story is developing. 

Kamagra Jelly WholesaleAt 2 a.m. I left Stubbs, a block and a half south of the hit-and-run scene. This was the view down the street.

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Buy Ayurslim Online IndiaI think this is because of the songs that bands tend to put on Soundcloud, but a lot of SXSW bands have cover tunes as their preview tracks.

Zovirax Russia Online Back to tweeting about the music at SXSW, I guess. Last night’s tragedy certainly casts a pall over things.

Buy 5mg CialisBad planning by someone last night at Stubbs. Damon Albarn was supposed to play 12:30-2 a.m., but didn’t start until 1:20…

Clomid Bodybuilding Buy … And even then, there were sound problems. Needed more setup time after St. Vincent’s set. She played a little long (but was awesome).

Cheap Viagra Overnight ShippingGary Numan: “I’ve met Bryan Ferry twice — both times in toilets, doing different TV shows.” #SXSW

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Ampicillin Online FreeGary Numan: “If I’m recording a song and I think, ‘That would sound good on radio,’ I erase it.” #SXSW

Cialis For Sale AustraliaGary Numan says he has Asperger’s, which made it difficult to deal with stardom circa 1980: “I just wanted to make it go away.” #SXSW

Buy Cheap Kamagra AustraliaI’ve seen 3 Dutch bands at Lasix Online Uk this week. Great folks. I may well have encountered Steven Craenmehr, one of the victims, at these gigs.

Purchase Doxycycline Online UkBob Mould doing an impromptu solo acoustic “Hardly Getting Over It” at the songwriting panel discussion #SXSW

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Diflucan 500mg OnlineBob Mould, picking up the acoustic guitar at the songwriting panel: “If I hit this hard, will it be OK?” #SXSW

Buy Doxycycline Online UsChicago dude Buy Ventolin Nebulizer Solution‘s #SXSW party is fricking crowded.

Levitra OnlineThe Blind Shake are kicking out the jams at Buy Ventolin Nebulizer Solution‘s #sxsw party. Also, nearly kicking me in the head. (Better back up…)

Can I Buy Cialis Online In CanadaStarting tonight’s Viagra Female Online music with Dog Trumpet (from Sydney) at B.D. Riley’s.

Epivir Buy AndernRickshaw traffic jam at 6th and Neches. #SXSW

Priligy Buy Online Europe #SXSW pauses for a moment of silence. (At least it did at this venue.)

Diovan Hct SalesWalking in the alley because the street is too crowded. #SXSW

Diflucan Online I didn’t plan this, but 8 of 12 bands I saw at #SXSW today had female lead singers.

Is Zofran Prescription OnlyI saw bands at #SXSW today from Mexico, Australia, South Korea, Argentina, Scotland and Norway.

Best Place To Buy Generic Propecia OnlineChecking it off on my #SXSW bingo card: Hot Norwegian blonde playing Theremin.

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Order Viagra With Paypal Instead of attending Lady Gaga’s #sxsw keynote, I am at my hotel trying to figure out what I should see today.

12 Generic Viagra Overnight Delivery“Drawing inspiration from bands like Weezer, Talking Heads, and the entire Tom Petty catalog, the band is pure songwriting excellence.” (Another SXSW band bio)

Doxycycline Generic OnlineI think I’ll be safe from being puked on by Lady Gaga if I hang out here this afternoon.

Where Can You Buy Cialis OnlineThough I’m trying to focus on seeing musicians at #SXSW I haven’t seen before, I’m about to watch Robbie Fulks for the jillionth time.

Where Can I Buy Propecia OnlineRobbie Fulks to Ciprofloxacin Online Pharmacy Jobs crowd at Yard Dog on his lost-cat saga: “The cat is now indoors. The house is locked.” #sxsw Order Zofran Online

Cialis No PrescriptionRobbie Fulks, pointing out Rosie Flores in the Yard Dog crowd: “I’m only calling out famous people. The rest of you can go to hell.” #SXSW

Zithromax BuyingHad a great time this afternoon at Ciprofloxacin Online Pharmacy Jobs party at Yard Dog… Now, back to downtown Austin for some official #SXSW shows.

Buy Viagra South Africa Online “We hope you’ve enjoyed our Neko Case tribute set… We’re ‘Little Neko Case,’” Lydia Loveless said. (They were actually her songs.) #SXSW

Stromectol Online FreeAccording to the hotel where I’m staying, Lasix Online Uk will end before it began. 

Viagra For Sale Online Usa

Viagra Buy GenericMy close-up view of a Blind Shake guitarist’s foot yesterday. 

Where To Buy Viagra In Amsterdam

Celebrex Online PharmacyAnd yeah, my camera got pretty close to Luke Winslow King’s guitar today. #sxsw

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Buy Accutane Online In Uk And yes, I was standing awfully close to Lydia Loveless at Yard Dog. She didn’t seem to mind. #SXSW

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Buy Viagra Soft Tabs OnlineRandomly hearing Roky Erickson singing as you walk down the street. #SXSW

Buying Viagra Online CanadaI’m sitting in a pew at the Church of Pitchfork. #SXSW

Cialis 5 Mg Discount CouponI hope Central Presbyterian Church sounds better for Angel Olsen than it does for EMA. Horrible mix, way too much bass. #SXSW

Cialis Buy Generic “This is mental!” — Ciprofloxacin Online Bestellen Ikea of Coreg For Sale describing the huge line of people to see Angel Olsen and Pitchfork showcase #SXSW

Diovan Online FreeAudience pro tip: Worst time to try engaging musicians in conversation is when they have 30 minutes to play. #SXSW

Kamagra Generika Online BestellenWas that Debbie Harry strolling down 4th Street? #SXSW

Kamagra Online Pharmacy UkOh, look. More people waiting in lines. #SXSW

Pfizer Viagra Online Canadian PharmacyIf you like GBV, you will like this Columbus, Ohio, band I’m watching now at Lambert’s: Connections #SXSW

Propecia Online BootsI’ve walked 30 blocks in the last 80 minutes, just so I could see Connections AND Death by Unga Bunga. #sxswworkout

Voltaren Online Kopen Xbox“We’re from Norway. Or is it Sweden? Nah, it’s Norway.” — lead singer of Death by Unga Bunga #SXSW

What Countries Can I Buy Viagra Over The CounterBig brawl in the middle of 6th Street. People running. … Now the havoc seems to be subsiding. #SXSW


Xenical Tablets To Buy I forgot to drink coffee yesterday. Viagra Female Online pro tip: Don’t forget to drink coffee.

Asacol Prescription Card Last night’s random #SXSW find: I quite enjoyed the set by Gulp, a band from Cardiff that includes Guto Pryce of Super Furry Animals… with a great frontwoman, Lindsey Leven.

Buy Cymbalta GenericOK, let’s get this thing stated: Seeing Chilean garage rockers WatchOut! at the International Day Stage. (They were just in Chicago.) #sxsw

Buy Diflucan 150 Mg Online I am the only person in the audience right now for this set, which was supposed to start at 11. Sound check still in progress. #SXSW

Buy Doxycycline InjectableAudience is up to 3 people. #sxsw

Buy EffexorThe audience is up to 7 people. WatchOut! is sounding great… No mosh pit, unfortunately.

Buy Indocin OnlineToo early to mosh?

Buy Kamagra From India OnlineAbout 25 people in the room by the end of WatchOut!’s set. #sxsw

Buy Ofloxacin Ear Drops Solution I think I’ll hang out at the International Day Stage to see the next act, Sivu, from Cambridge, UK… #SXSW

Buy Ventolin Tablets Online … and then maybe I’ll go to the @brooklynvegan #sxsw party at Red 7 for a while…

Buy Viagra Online Perth Australia The #sxsw website has some pretty basic navigational problems. Like: Uh… where is that page I was just looking at?

Buy Viagra Uk Pharmacy I’m thinking that Hotel Vegas is the place to be tonight. #sxsw

Buy Zetia Online I haven’t been over there yet.

Can You Buy Zovirax Tablets Over The Counter Uk Enjoying the lovely, wistful songs of English singer-songwriter Sivu at the International Day Stage. #sxsw

Cheap Cialis Uk Online Pro-gun-rights group marching down Sixth Street #SXSW

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Comprar Viagra Online Argentina I just saw a fierce set by Protomartyr in the dim confines of Beerland. #SXSW

Crestor Online Coupons Dude in a patriot outfit walking down 7th Street. #SXSW

Fincar Teilen Online They did rule. RT Flagyl 375 Online: Ex Hex ruling on the outdoor stage at the BrooklynVegan day party #sxsw #marytimony Generic Propecia For Sale

Generic Viagra Cheapest Price We’re in the home stretch here… #SXSW

Himalaya Ayurslim Order I guess this is where I’ll be the rest of the day (and night). Hotel Vegas. #SXSW

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Levitra Online StoreThat was quite a mosh pit for Bad Sports. #SXSW

Order Stromectol Online I asked Shocked Minds’ guitarist if they’re going to play “Kalamazoo” (one of my favorite songs of 2013), and he said, “Oh, yeah.” #SXSW

Propecia Online No Prescription “Someone just unplugged me.” –Guy singing Johnny Cash songs in the food truck court on East Sixth, after his power is cut off. #SXSW

Propecia Online Schweiz There’s a crowd in the Chevron parking lot and a man with a megaphone. #SXSW

Thu?c Ciprofloxacin 500mg Online The Doritos “Bold Stage” is quiet. #SXSW

Viagra With Dapoxetine Buy Online A guy yells, “Want some weed?” at passing cars. #SXSW

Voltaren 500mg Online Heading back to my hotel even though I COULD’VE SEEN ONE MORE BAND. Thus ends my #SXSW.

Voltaren Kostenlos Online Keith Urban tweeted, “Keep Austin weird.”

Zoloft 50 Mg Online … Photo galleries are coming!

Get Viagra Online

I’m at the South By Southwest music conference in Austin, Texas — the first time I’ve gone since 2008. It’s good to be back. The first thing I did this afternoon after picking up my badge was to hear Neil Young talking about his new Pono audio system. It’s a quixotic quest for him to introduce a whole new system for playing music, but his heart is definitely in this project, and his talk turned out to be more than the informercial I had feared it would be. He spent the first 20 minutes or so pacing the stage by himself, talking about his lifetime of listening experiences. Here are a couple of photos:

Herbal Viagra Buy How Can I Buy Accutane Online

I How Much Does A Propecia Prescription Cost a few of Young’s more memorable comments:

“I’m running for president.” (Laughter) “I’m Canadian. No. That’ll never happen. That’s a joke.”

“I always thought the ‘loudness war’ was something that was going to be really fun.”

Regarding computer speakers: “Why don’t they make some computers that have balls?”

Indocin Prescription Xanax

Monday night at Constellation, Fred Frith shook and scraped and stroked and beat his guitar. He set a can on top of the strings and ran a red ribbon through them. And that isn’t half of what he did. He had a whole table of implements ready to coax noises out of his guitar. He made it rattle and rumble and ring out. Very little of what came out of the amplifier sounded anything like conventional musical structure, and yet it was undeniably musical. At one point, Frith succeeded in making his guitar sound extraordinarily like a dulcimer.

Near the culmination of Frith’s hourlong improvisation, he sang wordless melodies. And when the whole remarkable performance was over and he left the room and everyone applauded, he came back and gave a bow. The crowd clapped more, and Frith came back one more time. He told us he wouldn’t be playing an encore, because he had just tried to take all of us on a journey with his music.

“We finally get somewhere and what do we do? Get back on the bus and go somewhere else? Nah.”

Is It Safe To Buy Viagra Online In The Uk Is Viagra Getting Cheaper Kamagra 100mg Online Bestellen Kamagra 1st Discount Code Kamagra For Sale Melbourne Kamagra Sale


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A hundred-some people turned out at the Hideout on Saturday afternoon, Feb. 22, for a folk music concert organized by local music journalist Mark Guarino. Billed as “From Old Town to Greenwich Village: Songs of the American Folk Revival,” it featured Ed Holstein and Steve Dawson.

Holstein, a well-known figure in the Chicago folk music scene of the late 1960s and early ’70s, had never played at the Hideout before. “I always wanted to play by a whole bunch of dump trucks,” he remarked. Holstein played songs by Bob Dylan, John Prine, Mississippi John Hurt and others, interspersing the music with entertaining stories from Holstein’s own early experiences as a folk singer. He reminisced about his first gigs at the Earl of Old Town, which just happened to fall during the Democratic National Convention of 1968. “The opening act was the National Guard,” he cracked, noting that Vincent Price was in the audience, trying to impress a young woman with the fact that he had all of this singer’s recordings back at his hotel room (apparently thinking — or hoping that the woman would think — this was Bob Dylan or someone more famous than the young Holstein).

Dawson started off the show with a several of his own songs as a couple of folk covers, then returned to play with Holstein at the end of the concert. The crowd sang along with a few of the tunes. Although the Hideout has been hosting folk musicians for years, this was an unusual example of the venue attracting Chicago’s older folk music fans. It would be cool to see more shows like this.

Topamax Prices Pharmacy

Ventolin Leer OnlineViagra 50mg Online

Viagra Fast Delivery Canada

Belatedly, here are my choices for the best films of 2013 — including movies that showed at film festivals and noncommercial venues in Chicago.

Viagra Next Day Delivery


(Steve McQueen, U.S./U.K.) — Painful and horrifying, yet beautifully filmed and acted, with a sense of historical authenticity. A penetrating gaze into the warped American psyche of the slavery era. Viagra Online Legal Uk
Viagra Online New York


(Joshua Oppenheimer, Denmark/Norway/U.K.) — A queasy experience this is — a highly unusual documentary that takes us uncomfortably close to men responsible for genocidal acts, making them seem human without excusing their atrocities. And it’s damn surreal. Viagra Online Store India

Viagra Pharmacy Cost


(Shane Carruth, U.S.) — A beguiling and peculiar puzzle involving worms and pigs and people, all tied together through some nefarious or mystical plot. Also, a terrific example of what is possible for an independent filmmaker to accomplish. Viagra Sales 2018

Viagra Tablets Online Price


(Richard Linklater, U.S.) — The third “Before” film continues the remarkable experience of watching this love story unfold in something like real time, with nine-year gaps. This latest chapter was less about romance than a real-life relationship’s struggles. And it feels very real. Viagra Teilen Online

Watch Psych Viagra Falls Online Free


(Zhangke Jia, China) — Shocking violence erupts in various settings in China. As the startling film shifts from one short story to another, it becomes a tapestry of contemporary Chinese society and its tensions. Where Can I Buy Kamagra In The Uk

Where Do I Buy Clomid Online


(Paul Greengrass, U.S.) — The director of the outstanding documentary-style dramas United 93  and Bloody Sunday takes the same approach again in this riveting, superbly acted film, which builds to a cathartic scene that had me in tears. Where To Buy Accutane Online Yahoo Answers

Where To Buy Cialis Pills


(Paolo Sorrentino, Italy) — A beautiful Italian film that finds a fresh way of updating Fellini’s fluid storytelling style and florid visuals, with a coolly laconic actor, Toni Servillo, at the center of its musings about life and art. Which Is Cheaper Viagra Or Cialis

Zovirax Cream Discount Card


(David O. Russell, U.S.) — A fun, highly entertaining picaresque performed by a terrific cast of actors at their best. Zovirax Eye Ointment Buy

Zovirax Tablets Prescription


(Adrian Sitaru, Romania) — This ensemble story about life in an apartment building (which screened at the Chicago International Film Festival) is rich with absurdist humor as well as the sort of clear-eyed  appraisal of human relationships that the Romanian cinema is known for. Actos Procesales Del Juez Las Resoluciones Judiciales

Asacol Cheap Online


(Alex van Warmerdam, Netherlands) — A surreal nightmare about a menacing stranger who inserts himself into a family and sets about destroying it. Another movie that screened at the Chicago International Film Festival, this is reminiscent of Greece’s Yorgos Lanthimos, the director of Dogtooth and Alps. Ayurslim Online

Buy 25mg Viagra Online

11. The Past (Asghar Farhadi, France)
12. Everybody in Our Family (Radu Jude, Romania)
13. Gravity (Alfonso Cuaron, U.S.)

Buy Cialis Online Pay With Paypal

14. Stranger by the Lake (Alain Guiraudie, France)
15. Let the Fire Burn (Jason Osder, U.S.)
16. Frances Ha (Noah Baumbach, U.S.)

Buying Cialis Hong Kong

17. Her (Spike Jonze, U.S.)
18. The Wall (Julian Pölsler, Austria)
19. Stray Dogs (Ming-liang Tsai, Taiwan)

Buying Propecia Online Safe

20. Post Tenebras Lux (Carlos Reydagas, Mexico)
21. Inside Llewyn Davis (Joel and Ethan Coen, U.S.)
22. Stories We Tell (Sarah Polley, Canada)

Can I Take 8 Ibuprofen And 8 Paracetamol In 24 Hours

23. The Major (Yuri Bykov, Russia)
24. Our Children (Joachim Lafosse, Belgium)
25. The Trials of Muhammad Ali  (Bill Siegel, U.S.)

Cialis Canada Drugstore

Cheapest Viagra Online Usa
The Flat Five, from left: Scott Ligon, Alex Hall, Casey McDonough, Kelly Hogan and Nora O’Connor

Nora O’Connor’s monthlong residency at the Hideout continued on Tuesday, Feb. 18, with a show by the band that Hideout owner Tim Tuten called the club’s very own supergroup.  It’s no longer the Cialis Drug Store but that’s just because Cialis Prescription 2018have slightly increased their performance schedule.

And “cover band” isn’t really an adequate description for this quintet of masterful musicians and singers, who assemble a few times a year to  indulge in their love of finely crafted pop songs, with an emphasis on obscure gems with harmony vocals. Just peruse this week’s set list  (scroll down below the photo gallery) to get an idea of the Flat Five’s electric and impeccable musical tastes.

The Flat Five are Cialis For Sale In The UsLevitra Printable Discount CouponsCialis Prescription Prices Prescription, Casey McDonough and Parlodel Et Clomid Online. (Ligon, McDonough and Hall also perform in the Tramitacion De Nulidad De Los Actos Procesales En Venezuela, who have a regular gig at Simon’s Tavern, and on Tuesday at the Hideout, they were joined for a while onstage by another member of that band, guitarist Where To Buy Ciprofloxacin 500mg.)

During Tuesday’s marvelous Flat Five show, O’Connor remarked, “This is my favorite band in the world to be in. I feel like I’m playing and watching at the same time.”

Zovirax Ointment Buy Online

Doxycycline Chlamydia Online Buy Lipitor Online Canada Buy Prednisone Tablets Online Flibanserin Rendeles Online Cipro Prescription Dosage Amoxil Buy Online Comprar Cialis Barato Online Paracetamol Pille Online Cuantos Actos Procesales Hay Buy Voltaren Gel Walgreens Cymbalta Online Purchase 2018 Viagra Ice Cream Buy Nizoral Anti Dandruff Shampoo India Online Bactrim Gravidanza Online Nizoral Tablet Buy Cialis Thailand Online Accutane India Pharmacy Prescription Diuretic Lasix Benicar Prescription

Propecia Buy Boots Tadacip Cheap Xbox


The Raven
The Party (Henry Mancini)
Treat Me Like a Lady (Lesley Gore)
Little Bell (The Dixie Cups)
Birds of a Feather (Joe South)
I Went to Sleep (The Beach Boys)
Mama Don’t Like My Man (Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings)
Caroline (Randy Newman)
Life Line (Harry Nilsson)
Poli High (Harry Nilsson)
Without Rhyme or Reason (Fran Landesman and Bob Dorough)
All Kinds (Dan Wilson)
Florida (Chris Ligon)
Kites Are Fun (The Free Design)
The Winter Is Cold (Wendy & Bonnie)
Love Is Only Sleeping (The Monkees)
No True Love (The Dixie Cups)
[set break]
Sermonette (Lambert, Hendricks & Ross)
Niki (The Third Wave)
Lil’ Darlin’ (Neal Hefti)
When I Stop Dreaming (The Louvin Brothers)
I Want Some More (Colin Blunstone)
Lazybones (Johnny Mercer and Hoagy Carmichael)
Don’t Forget to Cry (Everly Brothers)
Grey Funnel Line (Cyril Tawney)
Sad, Sad Girl and Boy (The Impressions)
Love Lotsa Lovin (Lee Dorsey)
Friends (The Beach Boys)
Tomorrow Won’t Bring the Rain (Dion)
Almond Grove (Chris Ligon)
Plastic Man (The Kinks)
That’s Alright (Fleetwood Mac)
Poop Ghost (Chris Ligon)
Let Him Run Wild (The Beach Boys)
Sunday Will Never Be the Same (Spanky & Our Gang)
Don’tcha Hear Me Callin’ To Ya (The Fifth Dimension)

Tadacip Osterreich Online

Valtrex Need Prescription

In addition to his recordings as Buy Cephalexin For Dogs Uk main singer-songwriter, Ventolin Buy Online Canada has released a couple of solo albums, and now he’s getting ready to record another. He played a free show Sunday night, Feb. 16, at Viagra Online Kaufen Legal in Andersonville (a cozy drinking establishment that features live music on Sundays and Wednesdays, without ever doing much in the way of publicity).

Dawson was fronting a band he calls Viagra Pharmacy Thailand — Frank Rosaly on drums, Jason Roebke on bass and Jason Adasiewicz on vibraphone. I’m not that familiar with Roebke, but I know Rosaly and Adasiewicz as two of the most inventive and hardest-working players in town. With this stellar lineup, Dawson’s music took on a jazzy vibe, though it still sounded solidly within the realm of rock music. As the band stretched out some of the songs, Dawson took it as an opportunity to let loose on electric guitar solos. His wife and fellow Dolly Varden member, Diane Christiansen, also joined in on vocals for a few songs.

It all made for a very fine evening of music — except for the unwelcome vocals of one drunk guy yelling from the bar, who was eventually ejected from Simon’s, much to the relief of everyone nearby. Hey, when you play in a bar, these things are going to happen sometimes.

Buy Levitra Super Force Where To Buy Clomid Online Buy Online Viagra Pills In India Where To Order Propecia Online Can U Buy Clomid Uk Xenical Orlistat 120 Mg Buy Can You Get Viagra Prescription Online Zoloft Prescription Assistance Programs Cialis 100mg Online Actos Procesales Del Juez Y Sus Auxiliares

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Ane Brun

Buy Brand Cialis Online

Norwegian singer-songwriter Cialis Online Paypal Australia songs sounded delicate and intimate Saturday night, Feb. 15, at Schubas. As she explained to the audience at the sold-out concert, it took her years to gain the confidence to build bigger arrangements for her songs, turning more of the music she’d written over to other musicians. For her current tour, she decided to bring the songs back to a more elemental level — playing with just one other musician, Swedish cellist-singer Buy Cephalexin Online Canada. When Brun introduced “This Voice,” she noted that she played much “bigger” versions of the song over the years. But this time, she said, “We’re going to bring it down to the smallest version ever.”

But as Brun plucked the strings of her guitar and Olsson bowed her cello, those two instruments sounded at times like a miniature orchestra. Brun played songs from throughout her career, including covers of Amerie’s dance hit “1 Thing,” Henry Purcell’s 1688 aria “Dido’s Lament” (which Brun renders as “Laid in Earth”) and Arcade Fire’s “Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels).”

Saturday’s concert also featured a delightful opening set by Olsson, who performed solo — using looping pedals to build her cello lines into rich arrangements. It’s a technique many other musicians are using in recent years, most notably Andrew Bird, but Olsson did it as skillfully as anyone I’ve ever seen. On one song, Olsson effectively turned her cello into a percussion instrument, tapping on it to create the rhythmic underpinning of a song from her new album, the aptly named Ah!

Cialis Online Pharmacy Canadian Buy Cheap Propecia Canada Ciprofloxacin Online Apotheke Osnabruck Buy Cialis 20mg Uk
Ciprofloxacin Online Prescription Free Buy Generic Cialis Online Safely Clomid Lekaren Online Buy Lipitor Uk Do You Need Prescription For Accutane

Buy Prevacid Solutab Online Doxycycline Hyclate 100mg Buy Online Can You Purchase Valtrex Online Doxycycline Monohydrate Online

Cheap Viagra Uk Paypal
… I couldn’t resist getting a photo of Ane Brun’s distinctive footwear.


Cialis Online Au

People's Temple

Three bands that excel at trippy garage rock reminiscent of the 1960s played Feb. 6 in the Volcano Room, upstairs at the Bottom Lounge. The headliners, People’s Temple, have a new album, Musical Garden, out on Chicago’s consistently marvelous Hozac Records. The same label also just put out a new 7-inch by one of the other bands at this concert, Chicago’s Radar Eyes. The night also featured another outstanding Chicago band, Outer Minds. It was a solid night of great songs, though it seemed to fizzle out at the end, when some technical difficulties resulted in People’s Temple playing without drums for a couple of songs. Despite that anticlimactic ending, People’s Temple had sounded great when they were jamming out at the start of their set.

Cymbalta Cough Syrup Online
Outer Minds
Herbal Viagra Buy Uk
Outer Minds
Cymbalta Discount Coupon 10
Outer Minds
Lexapro Online Bestellen
Radar Eyes
Diflucan Prescription Xanax
Radar Eyes
Pharmacy Viagra Now
Radar Eyes
Discount Cialis Australia
Radar Eyes
Prednisone For Dogs Buy Online
Radar Eyes
Flagyl Prescription Dosage
Radar Eyes
Strattera Ziehen Online
People’s Temple
Generic Atarax Online
People’s Temple
Generic Viagra Fast Shipping
People’s Temple
Topamax Osterreich Online
People’s Temple
Indikasi Salep Voltaren Xr
People’s Temple
Viagra Cheap Xbox
People’s Temple
Levitra 20mg Online
People’s Temple

Order Cipro

Underground Bee is 10 years old today.

Viagra India Buy when I started this website on Order Propecia No Prescription — sometimes I’m still not sure — but I wanted to create a place where I could write about the arts. I also wanted to display my photography, though I didn’t foresee how big a part of the site that would become.


So, what’s with the name, anyway? Underground Bee? Well, it’s one of those somewhat random titles that doesn’t reveal exactly what the website is about. That’s the sort of name I was looking for. A friend mentioned that bumblebees often live in holes in the ground — and are sometimes known as “underground bees” — and it struck me as an interesting phrase.

It reminded me of the names of newspapers such as The Sacramento Bee. (When that paper published its first issue in 1857, Pfizer Viagra Online Cost: “The name of The Bee has been adopted as being different from that of any other paper in the state and as also being emblematic of the industry which is to prevail in its every department.”) And while it’s debatable what qualifies as “underground,” starting my own website to cover the arts felt like something of an underground endeavor.

I stumbled for a while with my efforts at Web design, before switching over to blogging platforms. If you poke around in the older portions of this site, you may find some broken links — not too many, I hope — as well as some blog posts that don’t exactly match my current format. (The pictures you see here on this blog post include previous versions of the Underground Bee logo — some of which I believe I abandoned before using.)


And you’ll see some rather awful photos from my early years using a point-and-shoot camera. Looking at those pictures now, I can’t believe I ever thought those photos looked good enough to post online! Although I’d started taking photos as a hobby in high school, I didn’t start taking pictures at concerts with any regularity until the early 2000s. Like countless other music fans, I simply realized that I had a new digital gadget allowing me to snap pictures at concerts, and as long as I was standing there in front of the stage, I thought: Why not take some pictures?

That offhand idea grew into an obsession. Over the years, I’ve purchased better cameras and lenses. And I hope that my photographic skills have also improved. And while I do enjoy photographing big stars, I really treasure those moments at smaller venues where I may be the only photographer — or one of a few — documenting a performance.

YEEOWMore than anything else I’ve done with this blog, I ended up reviewing and reporting about concerts, with photos to go along with my words. (Or in some cases, photos without any words.) I still write here from time to time about films, plays, albums and other arts topics.

I don’t try to cover everything  in the Chicago music scene here. I do hope I’ve helped to document what’s happening. This website is a one-man operation. It has no advertising. I get paid nothing for any of the reviews or photos that run here. (I do get paid for my writing and photography for other media outlets.)

Underground Bee has had about 1,000 blog posts so far. Viagra Prescription Online Australia, Underground Bee usually receives 25,000 to 30,000 visits per month — though that total shot up past 50,000 in December and January. It seems that a lot of people end up on my website after searching for photos of particular musicians. (I do need to work on improving my SEO.)


Looking back at everything I’ve posted on Underground Bee over the past decade, I feel a new appreciation for all of the music and other art I’ve experienced during that time, including so many concerts that tickled, thrilled or thrashed my ears and my brain. And I’m grateful that so many venues and musicians have been kind enough to allow me to take photos at these performances.

Thanks to everyone who has been paying attention.




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One of Chicago’s best singers, Nora O’Connor, is performing every Tuesday night in February at the Hideout. Despite being a regular at the Hideout and collaborating with many other musicians, including Andrew Bird and Robbie Fulks, she’s had only one solo album — the delightful Where Can I Buy Azithromycin Or Doxycycline, released a decade ago by Bloodshot Records — and she doesn’t headline all that many gigs that are billed as Nora O’Connor shows.

O’Connor kicked off her month of shows on Feb. 4 with an intimate set, performed in front of one microphone in the Hideout’s front room. This show as originally billed as the return of Cantina, her old duo with Matt Weber, but he was unable to make it, so it ended up being more of a solo Nora set, with accompaniment from Casey McDonough and Gerald Dowd — plus Hideout sound man Ryan Hembrey, who jumped in on bass guitar for a few songs from Til the Dawn. They called themselves Mantina. And on Facebook, Dowd said they were “a soft-rock trio juggernaut.”

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You have three more chances to see Nora O’Connor this month at the Hideout. On Voltaren Gel Order Online, she’ll lead a band in performing the entirety of the 1973 album Buckingham/Nicks. On Voltaren Salep Untuk Luka, she’ll perform as part of the Flat Five. And on Www Kamagra Online Schweiz Com, she’ll play as part of Precious Blood, her new band with Danny Black and Kevin McDonough. Here’s Jay Ryan’s poster for the series:

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Benicar Prescription Drug is one of those odd little Chicago venues where you walk up a flight of stairs and find yourself in an unassuming room, surrounded by people who have gathered for what seems more like a casual party than a concert. But when it’s time for the music, everyone sits down and quietly listens. And the music itself is often experimental and exploratory. On Friday, Jan. 31, Elastic hosted the first night of what it calls the “Augmentin Prescription 9th.”

The headliners were two great Chicago musicians who dwell on the fringes of jazz, rock and experimentation: Betnovate Cream Non Prescription and Best Cialis Online Price. Parker is best known as a guitarist, and Abrams is best known as a bassist, and they played those instruments during this set — but both also played keyboards or electronic devices, creating a droning hum that floated through their delicate improvisations.

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The evening had begun with acoustic music by guitarist Ben Remsen (I walked in toward the end of his set), followed by a truly peculiar performance by Best Online Pharmacy For Generic Cialis and Buy Proscar Uk. As they began, pieces of lumber were leaning against the walls on either side of the stage. Their music — if that’s what it was — consisted of moving those pieces of wood to the middle of the stage and piling them up and then taking apart the pile and hauling the wood back to the edge of the stage. Block and Woods had contact microphones set up at various places on the stage, amplifying the creaky sounds of those boards being dragged and dropped. The whole thing felt more like a piece of performance art than music — or what most people think of as music, anyway. Whatever it was, it was strangely mesmerizing.

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Buy Cialis Online Uksmiles a lot when he sings, and it’s a big, beaming smile. His voice is big, too. As he was belting out the notes of his memorable songs on Friday, Jan. 24, at Schubas, it was  obvious that he was having a great time.

Mills hasn’t lived in Chicago for several years now — what, it’s already been a decade? — but as the Tribune aptly put it in a headline over a recent interview: Diovan Hct Coupons Discounts At least, that’s how I think of him, even if he’s living in New York. When he was still in Chicago, Mills seemed like he was part of the local alt-country scene, but his music was never really alt-country: more like singer-songwriter rock, folk and power pop. During his set on Friday, Mills joked a couple of times about the phrase that Reader critic Peter Margasak had used to describe some of his new songs: “Buy Cialis Walmart.” Even if that sounds vaguely insulting, it does accurately point out how hard it is to put a genre label on Mills’ music.

Mills has a strong new album called Alexandria, his first record in five years, which he funded with a Effexor Online Order. (I was a contributor.) The fact that he was able to raise $20,389 just goes to show that his fans haven’t forgotten him.

On this record, Mills worked with Norwegian producer Flibanserin Lybrido Buy, who also played guitar, piano and organ and sang backing vocals. Knutsen and drummer Pal Hausken came over from Norway to play on this current tour. Mills’ backup band, the Distant Stars, also includes a familiar face from the Chicago music scene: bassist Ryan Hembrey, who often runs the sound at the Hideout.

The Schubas music room wasn’t quite as full as it should have been — possibly because it was snowing that night, and the roads were treacherous — but the people who did turn out clearly knew Mills’ songs, the new ones as well as the older ones he has played over the years. Mills took some requests, challenging his new Scandinavian bandmates to figure out some songs they hadn’t rehearsed, such as “You Are My Favorite Song.” Highlights of the night included “The Silver Line” and “Living the Dream.”

Mills and the Distant Stars ended the night with a spirited cover of Big Star’s “Thank You Friends,” which was Mills’ way of thanking everyone who came to the show and all those who pitched in money to help him make Alexandria.

The opening act, Irish-American singer-songwriter Buy Clomid Online Australia, was charming and funny as he introduced his folk songs, which were spare and lovely. Mills remarked later that Connolly is something of a leader in a scene of musicians in Brooklyn, and it was easy to believe that, based on his performance Friday.

Oh, and Chicagoans: You have another chance to see Chris Mills. He and his band will play Harga Voltaren Salep 88at the Saki record store in Logan Square, with an opening set by Jon Lindsay starting at 3 p.m.

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Niall Connolly

Correction: An earlier version of this post included an incorrect name for the drummer in Chris Mills’ band.

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Welsh singer-songrwiter Buy Real Viagra Online Canada got stuck in a terrible traffic jam on her way to play on Thursday, Jan. 23, at the Schubas nightclub in Chicago. Forty or so trucks and cars crashed in a pileup on I-94 in Michigan that afternoon, and three people died. Le Bon and her touring bandmates weren’t injured, but they were among the many people who sat in their cars without moving for several hours. As audience members showed up for the concert, the Schubas staff said  Le Bon was late — but that she was on her way. The opening act, Priligy Nederlands Online, was traveling in the same vehicle, so he was late, too.

Morby was supposed to start playing at 9 p.m., but it wasn’t until sometime after 10:30 p.m. when all of the musicians finally showed up. The bands quickly set up and did a sound check. Morby (of Woods and The Babies) played just three songs, but they packed some punch. And then, just a few minutes later, Le Bon took the stage, apologizing for the delay. The audience members who’d stuck around for this belated gig greeted her warmly — and were rewarded with a stellar performance.

Le Bon’s 2013 album,Buy Viagra Cheap Online UkPropecia Tablets To Buysounds lovely, but her music was even better live — and not just because of her beautiful vocals. The riffs and lines Le Bon played on her electric guitar were sharp, almost spiky, intertwining in intricate patterns with the rest of the band. In the hardest-rocking songs, the riffs bounced back and forth between Le Bon and guitarist-keyboardist H. Hawkline, adding a stereo effect to the psychedelic folk-rock — and reminding me a bit of the great late ’70s band Television. (I thought I might be the only one to make that comparison, but then I noticed what the Buy Voltaren 100mg had written earlier: “The shapes of her angular guitar lines suggest Tom Verlaine at his most minimal…”)

In spite of the delays earlier in the evening, when it seemed uncertain whether this concert would even happened, it turned out to be an outstanding show.

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Kevin Morby
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Kevin Morby


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January’s Tomorrow Never Knows festival keeps getting bigger, featuring more shows at more venues in Chicago. I saw two shows in this year’s festival: A fantastic, energetic set by Superchunk on Jan. 18 at Metro, which I did not photograph, except for a few Cheap Generic Viagra 150 Mg; and a lively evening of music on Jan. 19 at Lincoln Hall, featuring Alvvays, Pink Front, Diarrhea Planet and Yuck, which I did photograph:

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Pink Frost
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Pink Frost
Cheap Xenical Online
Diarrhea Planet
Cheap Zovirax Cream Online
Diarrhea Planet
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Diarrhea Planet
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Cheapest Generic Levitra
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These are my favorite musical performances of the past year, out of the 104 concerts I attended. (I’m counting each day of a festival as one “concert,” with a total of 323 or so sets. Maybe 20 of those are fragments of sets that I caught while dashing around taking photos at festivals.)

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Jeff Tweedy and Tommy Stinson, during the June 21 Wilco concert

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Honorable mentions:

The Handsome Family, July 22 at the Pritzker Pavilion
The Rolling Stones, May 28 at United Center
Will Johnson, Nov. 11 house concert in Humboldt Park
Girl Group Chicago, Sept. 7 at Hideout Block Party
Low, March 7 at Saki
Charles Bradley, Aug. 3 at Lollapalooza
Scott Lucas & the Married Men, March 9 at the Hideout
Nick Lowe, Oct. 2 at Evanston SPACE
Twin Peaks, March 9 at the Hideout
Shoes and Green, May 4 at FitzGerald’s
Lee Ranaldo Band, May 27 at the Pritzker Pavilion
Jason Isbell, June 8 at North Center Ribfest
The Bats, June 9 at Schubas
Robbie Fulks, Sept. 5 at Lauries Planet of Sound
Mavis Staples, Sept. 6 at Hideout Block Party
Pere Ubu, Sept. 21 at the Empty Bottle
My Bloody Valentine, Nov. 3 at the Aragon
Bill Callahan, Oct. 14 at Alhambra Palace
Savages, July 20 at the Pitchfork Music Festival
Björk, July 19 at the Pitchfork Music Festival
Mavis Staples, Sept. 6 at the Hideout Block Party
Belle & Sebastian, July 20 at the Pitchfork Music Festival
Treasure Fleet, July 28 at Wicker Park Fest
Jack DeJohnette, Aug. 29 at the Pritzker Pavilion (Chicago Jazz Festival)
Billy Bragg, Sept. 27 at Evanston SPACE
Diarrhea Planet, Nov. 16 at the Beat Kitchen
The National, Aug. 3 at Lollapalooza
Laura Veirs, Sept. 25 at Schubas

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These are my favorite records of 2013, the ones I enjoyed the most. Betraying my personal tastes, the list is dominated by alt-country and artists working somewhere around that genre’s vague boundaries. Simply put, a lot of my favorite artists came out with new records in 2013, and a lot of those records were very good. My honorable mentions include quite a few records I wish I could have squeezed into my top 10 — and I wish there’d been enough time to listen more closely to hundreds more.

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This is the quietest Nick Cave has made in a while, but it’s hardly mellow. In this tense and brooding suite of songs, Cave seems to be drifting in and out of dreams and unsettling nightmares, a world-weary traveler whose memories are slipping away. The fleeting images in his phantasmagoria flash with menace and yearning, climaxing in the epic “Higgs Boson Blues.” Generika Viagra Online Kaufen

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The latest in a succession of masterpieces by one of the most accomplished singer-songwriters of the past decade and a half. Neko Case has said she drew more on her personal life for her lyrics this time, but the evocative poetry of her songs has always been a bit mysterious, and it remains so. Her voice is as beautiful as ever, too, surrounded here by an alluring variety of musical textures, including sonar blips, jingle bells, trumpets and cellos. Case seems to be creating her own genre, even as her innovative songs echo with the radio signal of classic tunes of the 20th century. Kamagra 100mg Generic Viagra For Sale
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Many of the smart songs on this intimate, acoustic record could have been written in the 1930s, or maybe even the 19th century. With a couple of exceptions, they’re actually new, but this is music with a true old-timey spirit. Renaissance man Robbie Fulks pulls it off with apparent ease, drawing on his encyclopedic knowledge of classic and obscure country, folk and bluegrass. He knows the old stuff, and how to make it new again. Kamagra Jelly Cheap
Kamagra Online Bestellen Serios


As the title hints, this album feels like a nocturnal journey that flows with the logic of a dream. (In that way, it has a passing resemblance to the aforementioned Nick Cave record, though the two artists have distinct styles and personalities.) There’s a loose, jazzy vibe, punctuated at almost every turn by a singular guitar fill from Bill Callahan’s remarkable sideman Matt Kinsey. It all reaches shimmering perfection on my favorite song of 2013, “Summer Painter,” which finds Callahan musing on the meaning of work, as he sings about a summer job painting rich people’s boats. Then the story takes a turn toward the apocalyptic, when a hurricane hits and people blame the narrator: “Like all that time spent down by the water/had somehow given me control over the rain.” As peculiar as Callahan’s dreams may be, after a while, they start to seem like your own. Clomid Online Bodybuilding

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Like other records of the recent garage-rock explosion, Mikal Cronin’s second album is bursting with exuberance and energy. But it’s also carefully crafted, with a string section adding a touch of grandeur to all of its heartily strummed guitars and pounding drums. The spirit of late ’60s music is alive and well here. One song after another has the sort of melody that makes you want to sing along, thanks in no small part to the vulnerability in Cronin’s voice.  Is Diflucan Prescription Only

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Dawn McCarthy has sung haunting harmonies on previous records by Bonnie “Prince” Billy, aka singer-songwriter Will Oldham. On this tribute to the Everly Brothers, they get equal billing. That’s apt, since the combination of these two voices was one of the year’s delights. The album doesn’t include Don and Phil Everly’s biggest hits, but the song list reminds us just how noteworthy that duo was. In the elegant folk-rock renditions on this record, what the brothers sang sounds beautiful and brand new. Clomiphene Citrate Clomid Buy

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David Bowie’s new album seemed to come out of nowhere. And it sounds like it came from another time and place — maybe the 1980s, maybe somewhere on Planet Bowie. This artist who’s legendary for his innovations and constantly shifting persona isn’t necessarily trying to invent anything new this time around, but it’s a batch of excellent songs. The dense rock-band-orchestra arrangements deliver one great hook after another with some wallop, but more than anything, it’s terrific to hear Bowie singing again, sounding like classic Bowie. Crestor Buy In Canada

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The former Drive-By Truckers singer-guitarist finally came into his own with this masterful album, striking a chord with memorable turns of phrase and the rueful wisdom of a man who’s made mistakes and learned from them. Cymbalta Lilly Discount Voucher

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Producer Jeff Tweedy’s clean, simple arrangements bring a warm glow to Mavis Staples’ glorious voice in this stirring set of gospel, soul and folk rock. The first song and the last are modern hymns (one written by Low, another by Tweedy), gracefully restrained prayers to the world. Cymbalta Online Sales 2018

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A family album in musical form, with Steve Dawson’s memories filling each page like tantalizing old snapshots. This is the sound of a songwriter and a band at midlife, contemplating their past, present and future, and transforming it into beguiling ballads. Viagra Indian Pharmacy


Molly Drake — Molly Drake
Yo La Tengo — Fade
Kelley Stoltz — Double Exposure
Veronica Falls — Waiting for Something to Happen
Laura Mvula — Sing to the Moon
Richard Thompson — Electric
Heavy Times — Fix It Alone
Cate Le Bon — Mug Museum
Low — The Invisible Way
Laura Marling — Once I Was an Eagle
Charles Bradley — Victim of Love
Waxahatchee — Cerulean Salt
Rose Windows — The Sun Dogs
Twin Peaks — Sunken
I Was A King — You Love It Here
Sam Phillips — Push Any Button
The Sadies — Internal Sounds
David Lang — Death Speaks
Laura Veirs — Warp and Weft
Superchunk — I Hate Music
The Cairo Gang — Tiny Rebels
Mark Lanegan and Duke Garwood — Black Pudding
Cave — Threace
Patty Griffin — American Kid
My Bloody Valentine — m b v
The Handsome Family — Wilderness
The Liminanas — Costa Blanca
The National — Trouble Will Find Me
Arcade Fire — Reflektor
Chelsea Wolfe — Pain Is Beauty
Disappears — Era
Midlake — Antiphon
Thee Oh Sees — Floating Coffin
Various Artists — Good God! Apocryphal Hymns
Pelican — Forever Becoming
Rokia Traoré — Beautiful Africa
Black Bug — Reflecting the Light
Kronos Quartet/Bryce Dessner — Aheym
Phosphorescent — Muchacho
Shocked Minds — Shocked Minds
Ensemble Signal — Shelter
Alvin Lucier/Janacek Philarmonic Orchestra — Orchestral Works
Cass McCombs — Big Wheel and Others
Dobrinka Tabakova — String Paths
Frank Rosaly — Cicada Music
Savages — Silence Yourself
Bonnie “Prince” Billy — Bonnie “Prince” Billy
Kurt Vile — Wakin on a Pretty Daze
Nadia Sirota — Baroque
Jacco Gardner — Cabinet of Curiosities
Foxygen — We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic
Guided By Voices — English Little League
Mind Spiders — Inhumanistic
Ty Segall — Sleeper
Dumpster Babies — Dumpster Babies
Faun Fables — A Table Forgotten

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“I heard that Beyonce put out a record today,” singer-songwriter Bonnie “Prince” Billy (aka Will Oldham) said during his concert Friday night, Dec. 13, at the Diflucan Prescription in Madison, Wis. Noting that Beyonce had put her album out on iTunes (actually, the night before) without any advance publicity, Oldham said he’s done the same thing.

Then he wryly claimed credit for giving Beyonce the idea:

“I called her and said, ‘It’s getting to the end of the year. You should put out a record.’ She said, ‘Bonnie, what should I do?’ I said, ‘Just put it out on iTunes.’ She said, ‘That’s a good idea.'”

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Before anyone takes this too seriously, we should mention that Oldham has a sideline as a somewhat strange stand-up comedian. While it’s doubtful Beyonce has copied anything from Bonnie “Prince” Billy, it’s true that he’s taken some unusual approaches to releasing music.

Oldham has always been prolific, with so many semiofficial releases under various guises that it takes some homework to keep track of what he’s doing. The homework is worth doing — Oldham is one of the most consistently interesting songwriters of recent years. He hasn’t had a proper album of original songs since 2011, but during that time, he has released EPs, singles and collaborative projects (including an album last year with Diovan Sales Ubersetzung and another this year with Dawn McCarthy, the wonderful Everly Brothers tribute, Zofran Online Pharmacy).

And now he has a new album called simply Viagra Online Deutschland— which he is selling at the merch tables during a short concert tour, and virtually nowhere else. I snagged a copy for myself and another for a friend on Friday night. I think the guy selling records said that only 23 copies are for sale at each show (though it looked like there more than that). He said the album will come out next year with wider distribution. It’s a spare solo recording, and the only label information listed on it is a P.O. Box in Louisville. During his set, Oldham called it “the yellow record,” adding that the color came out a little greenish.

I made the drive to Madison for this concert because Bonnie “Prince” Billy didn’t include Chicago on his brief 2013 itinerary — unless you count the set he’s playing at 7 a.m. Thursday, Dec. 19, during the Diovan Yearly Sales. His other stops on this tour include St. Louis, Iowa City and Minneapolis.

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Bitchin Bajas

After a lovely opening set of instrumental music by the Chicago group Buy Cheap Valtrex, the stage was set for Bonnie “Prince” Billy: just a table and one microphone. It became clear that this would be a solo performance, something I’ve never seen Oldham do. He sang and played his unamplified acoustic guitar into that one mic, performing a set of more than 20 songs, including many that he recorded in his early years under the Palace Music and Palace Brothers monikers.

He opened with a song I didn’t recognize, which eventually morphed in the Palace Music track “New Partner.” Was it a medley or an extended version of that song? I’m not certain. I jotted down some of the lyrics, which seemed like Oldham’s way of introducing himself to the audience:

“I’m here to sing you songs in this room I have …
“My job is to sing these songs of questionable purpose.”

Buy Ciprofloxacin 500 Mg Tablets

Oldham often lifted one foot and twisted his posture as he sang, employing some of the same gestures I’ve seen him use when he’s in the full throes of a more rocking soon with a band. And as always, he bared his teeth and rolled his eyes at key moments of his songs. He was more talkative than usual in between songs.

After the first song, he asked, “Does anybody here have Black Panties?” After a woman in the crowd shouted that she did, Oldham said, “Oh, you’re wearing them? I meant the Buy Generic Cialis Online Cheap. … This next song exists only due to the inspiration of your neighbor to the south, Robert Kelly.” He then sang, “You Remind Me of Something (The Glory Goes)” — a song that doesn’t sound anything like Kelly’s music.

[UPDATE Dec. 18, 2013: I picked a bad time to drop a casual reference to R. Kelly. The controversy over rape and abuse allegations against the R&B singer has erupted again, driven by Discount Cialis Online Canada. If you haven’t already, I urge you to read it. And I should add that I don’t understand Will Oldham’s fascination with Kelly.]

At another point, Oldham played “Horses,” a song Buy Generic Norvasc Online of the Doxycycline Online Prescription. That prompted Oldham to tell the story of how he’d encountered Langford one time in a bar, dragging Langford out to his car to play him Oldham’s recording of the song. Oldham said Langford’s reaction seemed to be: Who the hell is this guy? “One of the high moments of my life,” Oldham said Friday, recalling that moment. An even higher moment, he said, was the time in 2007 when Buy Generic Viagra Online Fast Shipping for Tom Greenhalgh during a few songs when tBuy Indocin, at the Hideout and the Mutiny. (That was a great night for me in the audience, too.) As he remembered that night, Oldham compared it to watching Casablanca and being asked to fill in for Humphrey Bogart on the screen. Then he changed his mind, adding:

“I’d rather be Peter Lorre, actually.”

Effexor Online Petition

Oldham also commented on his love of craft beer, noting: “You can’t download it.” He mentioned that during his introduction to his most famous song, “I See a Darkness.” Tired Hands Brewing Co. is making Buy Lipitor 40 Mg. “I’ve gotten a lot of joy out of beer in my life during the last few years,” Oldham said. (Who can forget the time Eriacta Online Gratuit for Dogfish Head Brewery?)

While he was in Madison, Oldham and his tour mates visited the Wisconsin State Capitol to get a look at Buy Online Cialis In Canada — “who flew into battle Lord of the Rings-style,” as Oldham put it. They heard a tour guide explaining how the original taxidermied Old Abe was destroyed a long time ago in a fire. “The Old Abe that’s in there is an impostor,” Oldham said. That led him into his 2011 song “Buy Ventolin Online Europe,” which he described as “my song about being disillusioned with America.” (As political protest songs go, it’s somewhat obscure.)

After an enthralling hour and a half of music and banter, Oldham closed the night with a cover of R. Kelly’s hit “The World’s Greatest,” transforming it into his own style of folk rock. The words seemed both goofy and anthemic coming out of Oldham’s mouth:

“I’m that star up in the sky
“I’m that mountain peak up high
“Hey, I made it
“I’m the world’s greatest.”

[UPDATE Dec. 18, 2013: See above.]Female Viagra Buy


Unknown song? / New Partner (from Palace Music’s Viva Last Blues)
You Remind Me of Something (The Glory Goes) (from Lie Down In the Light)
Black Captain (from Wolfroy Goes to Town)
The Mountain Low (from Palace Music’s Viva Last Blues)
I Heard of a Source (from Bonnie “Prince” Billy)
Wolf Among Wolves (from Master and Everyone)
Rich Wife Full of Happiness (from Ease Down the Road)
The Risen Lord (from Guarapero/Lost Blues 2)
Omaha (Everly Brothers cover from What the Brothers Sang)
Death to Everyone (from I See Darkness)
Horses (Sally Timms and Jon Langford cover from a Palace Music single)
The Brute Choir (from Viva Last Blues)
Love Comes to Me (from The Letting Go)
Quail and Dumplings (from Wolfroy Goes to Town)
(I Was Drunk at the) Pulpit (from Palace Brothers’ There Is No-One What Will Take Care of You)
I See a Darkness (from I See Darkness)


The Weaker Soldier (from Palace Music’s Arise Therefore)
Gulf Shore (from Palace Music’s Lost Blues and Other Songs)
We Are Unhappy (from Wolfroy Goes to Town)
May It Always Be (from Ease Down the Road)
The World’s Greatest (R. Kelly cover from Ask Forgiveness)

Buy Viagra 50 Mg Flagyl Prescription 7th Buy Viagra Online Usa Overnight Delivery G24 Tadacip Online


Generic Viagra Pills Online

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The Denton, Texas, band Get A Propecia Prescription Online has pulled off a rare feat — losing its primary singer-songwriter (Tim Smith) and emerging with a strong new album (Antiphon). Playing Thursday night (Dec. 5) at Schubas, Midlake also proved that it can still play the music from its earlier albums just fine. Guitarist Eric Pulido has taken over as Midlake’s new lead singer, and his vocal style isn’t too far removed from Smith’s. His harmonies — and the singing by the rest of Midlake’s virtuosic players — were always part of what makes this artsy folk rock band’s sophisticated, haunting music so special.

During Thursday’s show, Midlake played several of the new Antiphon songs, but it didn’t shy away from the old material, even playing the early song “Kingfish Pies” (from the 2004 album Bamnan and Silvercork) — the weird little anthem that attracted my attention to Midlake in the first place. And of course, Midlake performed key tracks from 2010’s The Courage of Others and 2006’s The Trials of Van Occupanther, the album that stands as its masterpiece. Flute melodies, guitar arpeggios and vocal harmonies meshed into enchanting forest folk music and soaring, powerful rock.

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The opening act was another artist from Denton, singer-songwriter How To Buy Clomid Online Uk, who was accompanied by Midlake drummer McKenzie Smith (who also produced her recent songs, “Satire” and “Defense”). Turning up the volume on her electric guitar, Jaffe pushed her usually mellow songs toward a more hard-edged sound as the set progressed.

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There’s Order Viagra In Uk named Order Viagra Online Forum with dark black hair and a dark black beard who shows up at a lot of garage rock shows at places like the Empty Bottle. So (in the interest of full disclosure) it’s not too surprising that I know this guy named Pat. Pat likes a good mosh pit. In fact, he champions the motto Ordering Propecia Online From Canada

Pat started a record label this year. He called it Pharmacy Viagra Canada. Tall Pat’s first record is by a Chicago band called Dumpster Babies. The album is called Pharmacy2u Propecia Online, and the first song on it is “Dumpster Babies.” This is rough-edged, fun and slightly sloppy rock, bashed out the way good garage bands have always bashed.

On Friday, Nov. 22, Dumpster Babies and another three Chicago bands connected with Tall Pat  — Purchase Bactrim Online, the Man and Topamax Online Prescription — took over the Empty Bottle for a night of music called (for reasons that remain mysterious to me) Valtrex Discount Coupon. Why not, I guess? And why not get the evening started with a Gin Blossoms cover by Flesh Panthers? OK, that’s an odd choice, but whatever. I was especially impressed with the Bingers, who showed off some subtlety in their songwriting and musicianship even as they leapt off the drum kit and writhed upon their backs.

Dumpster Babies caught a bit of a Mats vibe, and their song “Bloody Nose” sounded especially great — it has one of those indelible punk-rock stuttering rhythms in the chorus. The moshing wasn’t as intense as the wild action I witnessed a week earlier at the Viagra Buy Online Cheap, but there was some spirited dancing, to be sure. (Voltaren Discount Card York) No weak pits were seen. Cheers to Tall Pat and all of the guys who start record labels for the love of it.

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Tall Pat in the crowd for The Man
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The Bingers
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The Bingers
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The Bingers
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Tall Pat introduces Dumpster Babies.
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Dumpster Babies
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Dumpster Babies
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Dumpster Babies
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In 2003, I saw a cool Order Lasix Online Cheapby Prescription Order Viagra Without of the Kinks at the Abbey Pub,  but a year later, the news came that he’d suffered a stroke. I wondered if I’d ever get the chance to see him perform again. Eight years later, Davies returned to Chicago, playing Monday, Nov. 18, at City Winery and Tuesday, Nov. 19, at Evanston Space. I saw Tuesday’s show.

Davies has recovered from his stroke well enough to play the guitar again and record new music — including the recent albumStrattera Buy Online Uk (The Chicago Tribune’s Mark Caro recently Topamax Embarazo OnlineDavies about his album and tour.)

Davies played a few of his solo songs on Tuesday, but he largely stuck with old Kinks classics. He performed his own songwriting contributions to the Kinks catalog (“Strangers,” “Death of a Clown” and “Living on a Thin Line”), but most of the songs were written by Dave’s brother, Ray. However, it feels like Dave has a stake in their ownership, too. The sibling similarity in their vocals is unmistakable, and Dave is the one who played the famous riffs on “You Really Got Me” and other hits.

Dave’s voice was a bit ragged at moments, and his guitar playing isn’t as fleet as it once was, but these were respectable renditions of the old songs, and it was touching to see this key player from one of the truly great rock bands taking the stage again and giddily proclaiming, “I’m having a great time!”

Dave and Ray have had a contentious relationship over the years. (In a recent Viagra Prescription Label, Dave said of his brother: “But I have to thank him, because if he wasn’t so fucking horrible to me I wouldn’t have understood more about life. When he was a real cunt to me all those years ago I took up astrology so I could understand why people behave like that.”)

On Tuesday, Dave said, “I want to dedicate this song to my dear brother Ray,” before playing “Young and Innocent Days,” from the 1969 Kinks album Arthur (Or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire). It sounded heartfelt as Dave sang Ray’s words: “I see the lines across your face/Time has gone and nothing ever can replace/Those great, so great/Young and innocent days.”

So, what about it, guys? Will Ray and Dave ever play together again? I hope so.

SET LIST: I’m Not Like Everybody Else / I Need You / She’s Got Everything / Little Green Amp / Tired of Waiting for You / See My Friends / Strangers / Flowers in the Rain / Death of a Clown / The Healing Boy / Young and Innocent Days / Dead End Street / Living on a Thin Line / Where Have All the Good Times Gone / All Day and All of the Night / ENCORE: You Really Got Me

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First off, it seems impossible to write about the band Diarrhea Planet without commenting on its name. These rockers from Nashville must’ve wanted people to say, “Ewwww,” when they decided to give themselves such a disgusting moniker. The music itself, however, isn’t as subversive as the name suggests. This is basically full-on hard rock music with no less than four guitarists going at it simultaneously. Maybe the “diarrhea” in the name alludes to the outpouring of riffs and solos. In any case, the group barely let up for a minute during its set on Saturday, Nov. 16, at the Beat Kitchen. And the fans, who had crowded into the small club, responded with nearly nonstop moshing.

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Until last year, concert audiences hadn’t heard from Jeff Mangum in years. Get Buspar Onlinesinger-songwriter finally emerged out of what seemed like seclusion to play his old songs, which had been growing in popularity ever since he put them on record. During those concerts in 2012— How Old Do You Have To Be To Buy Viagra In The Uk — it felt like a solo acoustic set by Mangum was all we really needed. After all, his voice, lyrics and acoustic guitar strumming are really the heart of Neutral Milk Hotel’s best-known (and best) album, 1998’s In the Aeroplane Over the Sea.

But a Jeff Mangum solo concert wasn’t quite the same thing as a Neutral Milk Hotel concert. And now, continuing to move at his own strange pace, Mangum has decided to bring the band back together for an extended tour (including original members Jeremy Barnes, Scott Spillane and Julian Koster as well as a couple of auxiliary players). The first dates that were announced didn’t include a stop in Chicago, but I snagged a ticket for Neutral Milk Hotel’s Oct. 15 concert at the Canopy Club in Urbana. (Since then, the band has scheduled two concerts at the Riviera, on Feb. 6 and 7, both of which have sold out.)

The Urbana concert had moments similar to last year’s Mangum solo concerts, when it was essentially a solo performance in front of an enraptured crowd (including a sizable contingent of young folks who were toddlers the last time Neutral Milk Hotel performed). Mangum was all alone when he came out for the first song, “Two-Headed Boy” — with a long, shaggy beard and a green cap, giving him a look somewhat like Iv Zofran For Sale, except for an incongruous brown sweater.

But then, as “Two-Headed Boy” segued into “The Fool,” another five musicians joined Mangum on the stage. When the horns and accordions and drums kicked in, the songs took on a much more rollicking air. At times, Mangum even danced. This was the full Neutral Milk Hotel experience — those intense, pleading, acoustic exclamations by Mangum, juxtaposed with  Salvation Army band tunes, Eastern European funeral marches and a touch of psychedelic rock.

The songs sounded much as they did on the original records from the 1990s. This band clearly remembered well how to play those tunes. But more importantly, it was a spirited and stirring performance — even better than last year’s Mangum solo shows.

Another group from the Elephant 6 collective, Elf Power, opened the show with a set of buoyant psychedelic rock. And as in the past, Mangum forbade photography. As he got ready to play the first song and a few people held up their cellphones, Mangum wagged a finger and urged people to enjoy the music in the moment it was happening. (The security guards did their best to make sure no one took any pictures or video after that.)

And so, the only photographic evidence I have to show for the evening is the above cellphone picture of the marquee outside the Canopy Club. The last time I was at this venue, it was the Thunderbird movie theater, and I was a college student scrounging up loose change to see “Platoon.” It was startling to see that some of the decor from that era, including paintings of totem poles, still survive.

SET LIST: Two-Headed Boy  / The Fool / Holland, 1945 / A Baby for Pree / Gardenhead / Leave Me Alone / Everything Is / The King of Carrot Flowers Pt. One / The King of Carrot Flowers Pts. Two & Three / In the Aeroplane Over the Sea / Oh Comely / Ferris Wheel on Fire / Naomi / Song Against Sex / Ruby Bulbs / Snow Song Pt. 1 / ENCORE: Ghost / [untitled] / Two-Headed Boy Pt. Two / Engine

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Proscar Buy Online Uk returned to Chicago on Monday for his second concert of the year in this city. Both of his 2013 Chicago concerts, presented by Land and Sea Dept., have been at unconventional venues. In May, he performed at Purchase Amoxil Online. This time, he played at Viagra Brand Online, a cavernous Middle Eastern restaurant on Randolph Street with ornate decor, including lush red curtains. The stage is flanked by a couple of Viagra Delivery.

There’s little, if anything, Middle Eastern about Callahan’s music, and the grandiose surroundings created a strange contrast with Callahan’s laconic personality. And yet, even though Callahan’s songs can seem modest and simple on first listen, they’re often miniature epics — and ornate in their own peculiar way.

The last time Callahan was in Chicago, he didn’t play any new songs, despite the fact that he was on the verge of releasing a new album, Viagra Online Kaufen 24 Stundenthe follow-up to his 2011 masterpiece Viagra Online LegalIt’s another beautiful and compellingly odd collection of songs from Callahan; as the title indicates, there’s a drifting, dreamlike atmosphere this time. (The new record has prompted some great press coverage, including Voltaren Tabletten Online Bestellen.)

Callahan played every song from the new album during his Alhambra Palace show. The live arrangements didn’t include any of that jazzy flute from the studio versions. The emphasis shifted more toward Matt Kinsey’s guitar riffs, fills and solos. (The band also included bassist Jamie Zuverza and drummer Adam Jones as well as Kinsey, a member of the Austin roots-rock band Where Can I Buy Accutane In The Uk.) As he did on Callahan’s Apocalypse songs, Kinsey plays an invaluable role fleshing out this music. Kinsey’s ever-changing guitar melodies engage in a duet with Callahan’s vocals. There was nothing flashy — no rock-star drama — about the way Kinsey sat in his chair on Monday night, but if you played close attention to the way he was bending those strings, you could see and hear just what a remarkable performance it was.

Callahan isn’t flashy, either. As you can see from my photographs, he sings close to the microphone, rarely opening his mouth very wide. He raises his eyebrows with a quizzical look, squeezes his eyes shut with a flash of emotion, or turns his mouth down in a somewhat comical expression.

Callahan didn’t speak a whole lot in between songs, other than a few gracious comments, thanking the audience of listening. When someone in the crowd shouted out, “That song kicks ass!” (after he played “Seagull,” from the new album), Callahan replied: “There’s a merchandise table out there somewhere. If you want your ass kicked.”

SET LIST: The Sing / Javelin Unlanding / Spring / One Fine Morning / Too Many Birds / Ride My Arrow / Seagull / Drover / Summer Painter / Please Send Someone to Love Me (Percy Mayfield cover) / America / Winter Road / Small Plane

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The opening act was Circuit Des Yeux, aka singer-songwriter Haley Fohr, whose set built from droning folk songs to ear-shattering primal screams.

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While Sonic Youth remains on indefinite hiatus, the group’s members have been quite busy with other projects. Lee Ranaldo, who Buy Viagra In Uk Over The Counter, was back in town on Sunday (Oct. 13) for another show with his new band, the Dust — playing this time at the Empty Bottle. The group features another member of Sonic Youth, drummer Steve Shelley, as well as guitarist Priligy Online Cheap and bassist Buy Norvasc Amlodipine 5mg Generic. Following opening sets by drone artist Mykel Boyd and Doug McCombs’ instrumental band Brokeback, the Dust played a fairly long set for a late concert on a Sunday night, more than 90 minutes, stretching past 1 a.m., but it was worth staying around for the end. The group really got into a groove in that final half-hour, including a cool encore cover of the Modern Lovers’ “She Cracked.”

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Mikel Boyd
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One of the highlights of Is Cialis Prescriptionenchanting concert tonight at the Old Town School of Folk Music was his performance of the classic Kurt Weill-Bertolt Brecht song “Mack the Knife,” Non Prescription Viagra Usafor his new album, the covers collection Ventolin Online Order. After the concert, I was talking about that song with some friends. It has been a subject of fascination for me — how this grim ballad of murder ever became a jaunty, jazzy pop hit. Lanegan’s version ranks up there with the best, thanks to those gritty, sandpaper vocals of his. But I don’t know that there is such a thing as a definitive version of “Mack the Knife.”

For one thing, Where Can I Buy Periactin Online? Marc Blitzstein’s translation is the most famous English version, but it doesn’t convey all of the terrifying details in Brecht’s original German lyrics. Here’s a translation I made myself, back when I was taking German classes. (I haven’t stayed in practice, and I’m nowhere close to fluent in German these days. Feel free to offer corrections or suggested changes.) I tried to make the translation as literal as possible.

The Ballad of Mack the Knife

And the shark, oh, it has teeth
And it wears them in its face.
And Macheath, he has a knife,
But this knife, no one sees. 

Oh, how red is the shark’s fin,
when the blood flows.
Mack the Knife, he wears a glove,
From which no atrocity can be read.

In the Thames’ green waters,
People suddenly fall.
Is it either plague or cholera?
No, it means Macheath’s been around.

On a beautiful blue Sunday,
A dead man lies on the beach
And a man goes around the corner
Known as Mackie the Knife.

And Schul Meier is still missing
And so many rich men,
Mackie the Knife has his money,
But no one can prove anything.

Jenny Towler was found
With a knife in her breast,
And on the dock goes Macheath,
Who knows nothing at all.

Where is Alfons Gilte, the cabman?
Will this ever come to light?
Anyone could know.
Macheath knows nothing.

And the great fire in Soho,
Seven children and an old man.
In the crowd, Mackie the Knife —
He’s not asked and doesn’t know.

And the underaged widow
Whose name everyone knows,
Woke up and was raped.
Mackie, what was your price?

For some are in darkness
And some are in light.
One sees those in light,
But those in darkness, one sees not.

The original German lyrics:

Die Moritat von Mackie Messer

Und der Haifisch, der hat Zähne
und die trägt er im Gesicht
und Macheath, der hat ein Messer
doch das Messer sieht man nicht.

Ach, es sind des Haifischs Flossen
rot, wenn dieser Blut vergießt.
Mackie Messer trägt ‘nen Handschuh
drauf man keine Untat liest.

An der Themse grünem Wasser
Fallen plötzlich Leute um!
Es ist weder Pest noch Cholera
Doch es heißt: Macheath geht um.

An ‘nem schönen blauen Sonntag
liegt ein toter Mann am Strand
und ein Mensch geht um die Ecke
den man Mackie Messer nennt.

Und Schmul Meier bleibt verschwunden
und so mancher reiche Mann
und sein Geld hat Mackie Messer
dem man nichts beweisen kann.

Jenny Towler ward gefunden
mit ‘nem Messer in der Brust
und am Kai geht Mackie Messer
der von allem nichts gewußt.

Wo ist Alfons Gilte, der Fuhrherr?
Kommt das je ans Sonnenlicht?
Wer es immer wissen könnte —
Mackie Messer weiß nicht. 

Und das große Feuer in Soho
sieben Kinder und ein Greis —
in der Menge Mackie Messer, den
man nicht fragt und der nichts weiß.

Und die minderjährige Witwe
deren Namen jeder weiß
wachte auf und war geschändet —
Mackie, welches war dein Preis?

Denn die einen sind im Dunkeln
und die and’ren sind im Licht,
und man siehet die im Lichte,
die im Dunkeln sieht man nicht.